Kicked from coop campaign

Every time i try to play Coop Campaign, whether i join their game or they join mine, whether they’re on PC or Xbox,
someone (usually me) gets kicked from the loading screen with “kicked from the game, connection lost please try again later”.
I can play Horde mode, Escape mode, and all Versus modes perfectly fine. Just not Coop Campaign.
pls help.


Same here, since friday I cant play with my friend :frowning:

Have you solve the problem? I cant play with my friend and a week pass… This game is broken…

This happened to me, i had to uninstall AVG Internet Security.

I have the same problem
My Nat is open and Xbox Live Multiplayer server is connected
Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

I haven’t found any solution yet. I have this problem more than a week… With and without an antivirus installed


same problem here!

This is the worst Gears ever created. In no other Gears have I been denied playing with my friend from start to finish, The Coalition are harmful for game development …

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It´s happening to me again. Can´t play coop and my NAT is open

still the same here. Can’t start any campaign coop…

today, after the patch still the same. Very sad!

Same here, this game is so broken…

and another 1,5gb patch and still no working campaign coop! Any word from the devs would be nice…

You have issues on PC or Xbox

I am on PC while my buddy is on Xbox. We managed, somehow; we couldn’t reproduce it, to get it running with 2 different invites. But since then it keeps disconnecting again and again.
I think it could have to do with my setup where I duplicate my screen to the beamer, and due to buying a new 144hz monitor I have set it to display on that only. But after switching back and forth it’s still not working either way. So… still bad luck and unable to play the campaign with crossplay!

Is your Nat open on PC? I played my coop campaign with my friend being on Xbox. My AVG firewall was messing my NAT, uninstalling it and enabling UPnP on modem solved the thing to me

yeah, NAT is open etc. Tried everything before writing here…

edit: After making a BIOS update on the PC it started working. It’s the only thing that changed in my setup. So this must have been it.

i am still unable to play campaign

Am i best doing this solo instead? was waiting with a friend to do it. Both on PC and still unable to connect due to this issue

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They had just done an update a few days ago. 11 gigs or so and my brother and I were able to play coop. Then just yesterday the issues that plagued us before started again and now we can’t play. Mind you they did another update after the 11 gigs about 4 or 5 gigs and that could be the issue.

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I have experienced the same issue today with a friend, we just downloded gears 5 and we tried to play the campaign together but whenever I add him to the lobby and I press start game, after loading for a bit a my game goes through but he’s game kicks him out and when he invites me and he starts the game, he’s game goes throug but mine doesn’t and when we joined a random lobby, mine and the host’s game went through but by firend’s didn’t! At the end, he was never able to join me and we were never able to start playing the campaing together, we opened the games ports on his laptop and we reset the store, xbox app and even cleaned the register related to gamebar and everything but nothing seems to fx it. I wonder what’s going on and what’s causing this issue? please help!
And I wonder why the ms is always high when you check the xbox interent conenction with windows!