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Kick out players in horde mode during a game

Hello everyone.

I´am sure everyone know, that you can kick out players in the horde lobby, when you host a game. My request to TC is: Please change it, that you can kick out players during a game too! I have enough from have player in my Team, who just stand somewhere in a corner to get some XP or make some other bulls***, because they didn´t read the description of a game I´ve hosted. That takes all fun from a wreally good teamplay.

Today there was again a player, who just stand somewhere behind a wall, or behind the fabricator and did actually nothing seriously. How nice would it be, to kick players like him during a game out of it.

Please took this option into the game.


This tread will probably be close soon as there are many others asking the same, in which people explained that it can not be done not it should, because people abuse IT and kick other people out just because they feel like it. That player could get the MVP in almost every wave and because of that he/she’s out by majority.

Yep, needs to be implemented. Either the host has the power to kick or can call for a majority vote.

We went over the pros and cons in this thread: Feature request: Vote to kick a player

No hes right…custom game with description then if people go in and do nothing/ troll ect…then kick them its fair enough…custom lobbies were implemented for people who actually want to play the game…but on the flip side if they can sort out serial quitters then maybe people who kick consistently can be pulled to.

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Open for abuse though. There are serial quitters, afkers and kickers. Then there are hosts who like to “pause” game. Serial pausers?

Host is not all powerful since you are opening the game to the public, not to a group of friends. Serial kickers or pausers should also be penalized. Sword swings both ways.

Agreed as host of your own private game you should have total control over your lobby. If people don’t like your rules then they can G T F O and find another lobby to piss around in or play in a public playlist. That’s 100% of the reason you do private horde in the first place so you can control the game settings and play with other like minded players or players that more seriously want to work towards the completion of certain goals. Are you gonna get some douchey hosts…absolutely but you just block them and move on and don’t join their games again it’s called being “adult” about the situation. Vote to kick is a semi-acceptable compromise however I feel that host rules and that should be the way it is. Don’t like my game and rules then don’t play in my game. I didn’t join you you joined me.

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I don´t think, that much hosts kick out seriously players, because they “feel like it”, sure sometimes it will happen, but not wreally often. And you can put this option into the game in many different ways. Game paused, open the social board, player xy kick out…other option, same result, klick on the player and vote of kick of. All player can vote, yes or no, at three votes for yes (provided a five people horde game of course), the player get´s out.

No, not end of story, you see it to easy. There are players outside, that play only with mic…okay, let them play. I did not play with a mic, so I don´t go in a lobby, if the host says “Mic is a must!”. Some other player add every player they can find until they have 1000 friends and say, oh I play just with friends, great, then you can play without friends, mean the same. Of course some find player over the years, add them and play then with the same players all the time, that´s okay too. BUT there are even players, they dont want to add thousands of people, they dont want to communicate with people they didnt know, they just want to play a game and have fun, I mean that´s the favorite reason, why we play games, isn´t it? And why should those people didn´t have the same fun with a game, just because they play in a other way than other players, that´s not right and give them a 0815 advice like your “need to get friends” isn´t right too. They have the same right to have fun with the game as all the other players too. And player, who trolls or just stand in a corner to get XP, It didnt make fun to play with them.

And before someone say´s something in this way: Yes, I have friends, but some of them didn´t play or didn´t play anymore, or worst case…they…play…with Sony. :face_vomiting: :smile:


They should stop allowing the so called experts or whatever to kick people out.
Especially since we all paid to acess all the features. If these so called experts or whatever want nothing but experts in their games, they should host PRIVATE.
This way us noobs won’t interfer in their experts game…
Again, we all paid for using all the features in Gears . Go Host Private. Problem Solved.

Yup, Most just go to play and have fun, that’s it…But you have a small fraction that takes this way to serious. Pausers and Kickers, they like power, control… But we all paid to play the game and use all the features. Like I said before, Those who want selected players should host Private. Microsoft get rid of the kicker option.