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Kick option for horde during a match

I know i keep saying it, but once again 2hours into a horde match a random has come in ruined it…come on TC make this happen already its so disheartning to have this over and over again . It’s getting to the point where it’s becoming stressfull, that is not why i play.

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But if they add a kick option how will I afk farm xp for my Kat? I’m sure not going to actually play.


I will just assume your being a sarcastic ■■■■

I have always been against a kick option in Horde, however after having a game ruined at wave 48 by a well know troll I am changing my mind.

However from other posts I see in this forum today, seems we lost the kick option in lobby in yesterdays update


You don’t actually know what you are asking for. There will be a whole new level of grief that comes with a kick option. It’s better to spend that effort and unity on grouping up before the match and not worrying about those problems. Publics would become a nightmare, and the whining and crying would be so loud and prevalent on the forums/online; they would just revert the change anyway.


And you think it is ok for some muppet to join our game at wave 40. He empty all the lockers moves things that were fine and i’m supposed to watch this as the host and be fine with it . Sorry that i had some consideration for the people that started with me on wave 1 and played for 2 hours. Belive me getting kicked instantly would stop these idiots. It’s because it’s happening all too often .

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What op meant to say was to add a kick option for the host in custom/private horde games and not public matchmaking games which I agree with. I haven’t encountered any trolls in a horde match yet, but I do know the frustration that comes with it after I played with few trolls in Gears 4.


Youv’e nailed it, you play a public match you cant complain and i’ve had good and bad games. But i should be able to remove a troll or Afk from a custom game. The problem is that in a public match is almost impossible to hold a team togather after 10/20 rounds. As a consequence players are all using the custom lobbies. I had a player join my insane match the other day 30 waves in as a Lv 1 player and character…seriuosly?

Custom lobby, when open to public, is a public game.

It isn’t in the sense of using the matchmaking “service”, but rather using the lobby browser, which is being referred to as “Custom” as the servers don’t do the searching for you, instead you choose to search for the lobbies available yourself. And even if you leave the lobby open to find players as host, you don’t want trolls joining in and ruining your matches. The worst I’ve had is a certain known player with the number 55(previously 44) just sitting in some corner as Jack in an Elite match on Exhibit for like over 30 waves, occasionally coming to life to deposit power and hijack an enemy. Then spent the remainder of the match hiding in one of the spawns afking until wave 50 where the Matriarch decided to show up and he temporarily came to life again distracting her temporarily. As things go, it wasn’t so bad.

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Open to public makes it public. Troll, griefer, legit players, under leveled characters, etc, all can join.

Use LFG, and don’t open to public. Best option is to have a friend list for invites.

By the way, I had experienced a serial pauser before. Not sure what the hell is the host doing, pausing the game every few mins. With the ability to “kick”, I expect the surge of serial kickers. Kick you because you are doing too good, doing too bad, don’t like your username, a friend need your empty slot or it’s wave 50 and only 1 mob alive, time to kick everyone or whatever psychotic breaks. This is the dictator model aka host is god, and there’s the majority mob rule model for kick abuse aka “vote” to kick.

At the end of the road? No more games. Everyone is all fed up.


I was aware of this sort of stuff potentially happening, host powers being abused. But almost everyone I pointed this out to has said it’s not going to be bad.

And I was just pointing out that when people said “public”, they were actually referring to the matchmaking service in place to find Horde matches, rather than the custom lobby browser. Not whether I was in support of host kicking or vote to kick(mostly against it because of possible abuse - and it will happen if introduced).

Yeah, Some people seems to have a misconception that a custom is not public or that people joining their custom game has to conform to some imaginary god rule.

Literally the horde option is called open to “public”.

Some douchenozzle wouldn’t let us start the match because he kept standing inside the fabricator’s zone, so I’m all for this.

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I posted last night bozz…put out the tools gtag…to help other peeps…completely removed even though someone actually backed it up with footage…by the same player doing the same ■■■■!..never mind…completely agree with u…if kick option isnt introduced…custom will get like pubs (which is already left with mainly bots!!)…and more will move on🤔…shop is open and working just fine though🤣

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Custom supposed to be for like minded players…who perhaps just want a decent game…for ranking/fun whatever…if peeps give up 2hrs just for some tool to come in and wreck the game…then yes its a must its added!

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A private , not opened to public, custom game is. There’s a LFG tool and of course , use your friend list.

Disagree…but not fussed about argueing the toss…for something that needs to be in the game…thx anyway😁

No everyone has 20/30 friends to call on to make a team anytime and not everybody that hosts a match wants to play God either. Just remember it takes nothing to block someone for being a bad host, it works both ways. Plus the fact you assume that everyone will be that judgemental says alot,l. Do you like to wreck others games in your spare time?, Or did i just assume?

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Not enough friends or like-minded players even with LFG? Too bad, the world is not filled with people who are like-minded. For me? I can either quit or continue the current public game depending the situation.

I did not say all as you imagined, read again. It’s just one of the possible mechanics of abuse. God complex and what not. Adding kick is just adding another tool for abusers, expanding their arsenal of annoyance for the general community.

Just report and move on. Don’t use mob rule, like naming and shaming, and let the relevant authority sort it out. Eventually there might be an in-game kick, then we deal with it again.