Kick Off Summer 2018 With All Gear Packs Released Like In Thanksgiving 2017

I posted this on the previous forums, but can Coalition Studios PLEASE release all the Gears Packs up to date like in Thanksgiving 2017. I have like 60,000 in-game credits and they’re not being used.

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You may need more that 60,000 to get what you want…seems like it takes people more that that to get at least one character they want…I have 550k sitting there and they will go to waste since I don’t care for any other skin that comes out


OH NO :frowning:
Well I guess that’s fine since all I really need is Savage Kantus and IF I’m lucky, some of the Dead Carmines.

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I’m around 60k like you, but they are being used mostly for Elite packs turn to scrap, to buy 4500+ Bounty cards to move faster to my first wings. You may try that one approach too.

I would like to see this come back, especially as TC said recently that the new packs, weapon skins and characters are starting to dry up.

Maybe you could have a calendar of certain packs that are coming in, and when they are coming in, to encourage some grinding?

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Given the Kantus, Savage Kantus, and both normal and Zombie versions of the Carmine’s are either over a year old or approaching, chances are they will be the next characters made craftable in the coming months.

With the Kantus and Savage Kantus specifically they came in the RAAM Emergence pack. Given RAAM is already craftable, the overall value of the pack is diminished for most players so making the remaining skins craftable makes sense.

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It would prefer if Kantus was the one coming as May craftable.
Was my fave character in Gears of War 2 and 3, and we still don’t have Black Steel version yet.
I’ve mainly been scrapping them, in the past…

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TC releasing craftable characters today?

They usually announce a What’s Up article, but the Packs and content comes tomorrow.

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Oh shoot, you have a point. Totally forgot they made RAAM craftable since I already have him and the character selection isn’t dark/locked anymore. Would be cool if they made Kantus and Savage Kantus craftable as well!

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That would be nice.

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