Kick from Horde after frenzy wave 6 with kestrel on Dam

Hi Gears community,

I enjoy the valuable feedback, so hopefully you can help me here.

I was playing horde frenzy master last night. I started with Sarah lvl 17. so much whining i switch. i have play Sara before in master and made all 12 wave numerous times, but it was not my lobby and they said she brings nothing to the fight. so okay i switched.

I used Keegan lvl 18. in wave 6 on Dam we get a kestrel… me and the JD where putting damage as fast as we could on it. no cover and we had Kat, Grace and Faz. we failed the wave and the host kicked me after. I played escape with him before and we were allies. so i thought maybe it was an accident. I asked why did you kicked me from the game. He said he been playing long enough to see i was not running the right cards…WTF.

Note: Grace & Kate where not even firing at the kestrel. Not sure how one player makes the difference here.

1st off he has no idea what cards i am running. 2nd i was doing plenty damage and killing before kestrel and was making sure FAZ had ammo. I never triggered my ultimate unless i was next to kat or Fahz.

Kegan is mostly marking for cool down and resupply. his venom cards are useless in horde, right?

I ran:

Shredder lvl 5

Nads LVL 6

Battle hardened lvl 6

Hammer lvl 6

situational awareness lvl 5 to mark

I did no buy perks gave up all my cash so boom only had 3 shots, but i was rotating and getting ammo boxes

We had plenty lockers, so really no need for all the supply cards distance faster, more, etc.

So community what did i do wrong? he said these cards are all wrong for horde?Also does everyone agree Sarah has no fight? her nad cards and increased heavy ammo is good. i know lancer does not do much. But save several waves with her nads on blood drive. her ultimate can keep attack in check while heavy hitters take them down. i use it to hold off attach at the fence line.

I really can’t tell you how much this bothered me last night. i read every single Keegan card. To be kick out a simple horde game……wtf it’s not like I was not getting it done or AFK

I have seen the community say all characters can work if played correctly.

Just sounds to me like you need better friends. Don’t let the muggles get you down!

Exactly. Horde is more about communication than having the absolute best team. No reason you should have been kicked, in my opinion.

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Keegans perks give him explosive resuply and increased capacity, although the host can do as the like as its their game.

Me personally i would block and remove this person from my friends list if someone i know did this to me.


My guess is you just failed because it’s Dam and the spawn is too exposed as well as the Kestrel being a ridiculous bosd with little possible counters to it other than having Lizzie stun it with Dropshots or hoping you have a JD and/or Keegan who can obliterate the crap out of it before it instantly kills everyone(edit : and before all the other ridiculous DB enemies come waltzing in). Not because you had the “wrong cards”, which is subjective, which your so-called friend didn’t even bother telling you to take before going into the match.

And the fact that so many people don’t even bother to tell players what they expect from them in a lobby or don’t bother telling them of any plans they might have is one of the main reasons I’ve basically stopped bothering to play with only randoms, I pretty much always have at least one actual player(friend) I know well with me now.

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The most I can tolerate is 1 random. More than that and things start to get too unpredictable for my taste.

Are they going to buy something silly from the fab at the wrong time? Are they going to re-arrange the base in a sub-optimal way? Are they going to play their role at all?

Horde is for TEAMMATES, and I prefer my team to strangers any day.

yes but i gave this up to help build base. was that wrong?

I wouldn’t worry so much about it. He kicked you for one reason and that is he is butthurt that the team failed and doesn’t want to accept that this just happens sometimes. He is the sort of player that, come Op5, will only run lobbies where there are 5 Marcus or JD classes because anything else “isn’t meta” . So dont beat yourself up over it, bin him off from your friends list, find a new lobby and get back to having fun.

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No,i dont see what u did was wrong but as kiwikinduk says the host got some butthurt and kickiing u made them feel better as its easier to blame someone else than except that its perhaps their own fault also.

These 2 perks combined with salvos is good for dealing damage. Even better if jd is there.

I dont often play horde but when i do, i play how i want to play and u should do the same. Sure u may make mistakes as we all do, but its learning from them that makes us better. :+1:

agreed but you know if you spend your cash on perks in a 12 wave beople get pissed as well…oh well.

I stopped reading after Kat and Grace.

If you keep those and kick Keegan, you really don’t understand horde.


I think u get plenty of power during horde now so buying perks shouldnt be a problem.
But yeah i no what u mean.

Host was fahz? Bet they had their perks maxed… :clown_face:

That’s definitely not true. You just played with the many annoying hosts in this game. He was just hurt because you’re Keegan and you should never die in any map :unamused:. Having the Kestrel in Dam is one of the single worse things in this game. Almost wipes all the time, especially if the Sentinel/Guardian, it’s sidekicks, are around.

host was grace bought barriers and then a wadren stick and just sat on the wall.

But he has the audaciousness to throw you out because you were trying to be helpful to the team more? You should just ignore that person.

Ahhh, there u go then. They expected everyone else to carry them when there was enemies they couldnt cheese with the barriers.

Should of told them to jump in the garbage wih the rest of the trash. (dont do this u will probs get reported):joy:

You’re reading too much into this.

Some people are just like that.

Some will kick you for being to bad. Some will kick you for being to good. Some will kick for you buying stuff. Some will kick you for not buying stuff. Some will kick you to invite a friend instead.

In this specific case it sounds like the host was an idiot who expected the rest to do the work for him.

I doubt it’s your cards. That’s how hosts are usually. They get upset for anything.

It sucks that you got kicked considering what you brought to the team. But recently on a wave 50 master run I was kicked on wave 50 after the boss died & I messaged the host politely & asked him why he kicked me & he said, he kicked me because he didn’t like one off our Tutorial videos on our YouTube channel. Petty petty stuff.

That is absolutely disgusting