Kick feature and why isn't it fixed

Why oh why hasn’t the kick feature been fixed yet I’m losing more ■■■■■■■ games on master when a non or a low level reup jumps in mid way and they have no idea what thay are doing they keep wasting power on stupid ■■■■ when they even an idea on how to use that item can some give me some in site on this, my friend says that TC will be putting it bk in and it will cost us 10 iron per kick is this true?

Because it’s not a priority at the moment.

Sarcasm, 100%.

And the reason it isn’t fixed yet is likely because it would require a TU that at this point in time would almost certainly delay Op 5 when they likely intend to bring the fix with that.

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Make your lobby private before you start the game.


Give your friend a fist bump for me… he’ll know what it means.

Wow pay to kick? This may b the end of Gears for me. Seriously TC?!

Is your friends name Isaclam?
He trolls even better than I do.