Kick downed enemies only on release of melee button

Too often I try to execute an enemy but hit the melee button slightly too soon and just end up kicking them to death and losing the opportunity for an execution. Since the game already does some kind of check to see if it should do a kick melee attack instead of a knife melee attack, would it be possible to put some extra logic in there to make it so if it finds it should be doing the kick, it won’t execute the attack until the button is released? It’d make doing executions, which are supposed to be a core feature of the gameplay, a whole lot smoother.


And getting rid of enemies in PvE would take slightly longer. That splitsecond could kill you in certain situations. If this ever becomes an option it should be toggleable.

If you need to kill a downed enemy that’s right next to you ASAP, meatshielding will still be the fastest option, nothing will change there.

lmao no, the recovery-frames until you can move after picking up a meatshield are atrocious. Kick can immediately be cancelled by rolling.

how about just change it back to the Y button. it’s not even used in Versus, it’s Interest Point, a completely useless function.

Tap Y worked, it was also faster

PvE isn’t a concern when Ultimate’s could be any other combination or button/key.


In PvP, ‘Y’ button is not dead, it has a use.

  • It is used to buy weapons in arcade.
  • It is used to share ammo with your teammates.
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Besides, what will you do in escape? In order to conserve ammo, you need to kick enemies quickly.
Every split-second matters.

Besides, the current system is good because:

  • Enemies can sometimes crawl away before you manage to finish holding the ‘B’ button. So, your effort gets wasted, you have to start over again.

  • Kicking animation has got aim-assist. Also, the distance from which you could kick is slightly more.

The execution mechanic cannot be made to behave differently for different game modes. Since its a core feature, it has to be consistent throughout.

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Then quickly let go of the B button if you wanna kick, which you already do anyways if going for kicks… I don’t see a problem with OPs suggestion as it makes 0 difference to what you said.

Again if you’re going for the kick anyways, you’re already releasing the button… I might be the only one who replied that got what he was saying :laughing:

The difference is the split-second it takes longer to kick them. In the current state you press the button and the kick is initated, with the way OP suggests it would initiate after the release which would be off-throwing for CQC-classes.

I actually like this suggestion because I was super annoyed with the change of having to hold a button to do an execution. Nobody has time for that wait time to be then followed up by the execution time itself. A simple tap and be done, like it was from the start would have been just fine.

Another suggestion would be to buy arcade weapons by holding left trigger + Y, the same way you trade weapons or give power in Horde.

The way it is now is just too slow and annoying - and gets even more annoying when you end up killing them with a kick instead by accident.

Still waiting on the Executions to return to Y where they damn belong! Not to mention the Curb Stomp.

Terrible act of sheer heresy.

then use a modifier: LB+Y for example.

those are terrible excuses to move a longstanding, functional use of a face button to yet another with multiple functions bound to it.

it’s the Reload issue all over again. changes made to suit other modes for the sake of consistency.

I have asked this developer to move the Expression menu off the R3 click since launch and Ryan and Dana even agreed that have clench problem too.

they just don’t listen to feedback. look at this forum as yet another example.

and the PVP<–>PVE changes aren’t jarring with this new tuning? they seem to be ok with making that behave differently.

It also shared ammo in Gears 3, yet you could still curb stomp.

The problem is that Guardian needs the Y button.