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Kick button does not work in Horde lobby or in Game

Kick button does not work in Horde lobby or in Game. It’s a huge problem and a trolling trap.

Hey there,

Appreciate your first post. However, this has already been discussed and can be found in the Search Box.

But to sum up. Its another glitch and its supposed to be corrected by Op.2.

So we will see.

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great I’m already tired of those cool host that throws you out for using a certain class

Thank you much. I did a quick search and did not find anything I will search again.


I didn’t know about it being a bug and that it would be fixed in a Operation 2. But thanks for info.

It’d help a lot when I’m hosting.

Yea man!

Now we just have to see it they actually do it lol :slight_smile:

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I was told if you start the game then back out to the lobby that you can still kick then.
I haven’t tried it though because I’m burnt and keep forgetting.

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Yes, I know this. It does work. It’s just that we cannot kick trolls that join game in middle of match. And people who join pre-game lobby but not right team composition or too low levelled.

Yes the struggle is real!!

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