Keybord and mouse make my game lag pc

every time i pres any button on the keyboard or mouse the game freezes for a bit and if hold a button done it freezes till i release


I’m having the same issue. Pretty sure it started yesterday and I’m pretty sure the game updated yesterday. Before yesterday the game played really smooth with no problems. I’m using all Razer peripherals.

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Same here. I’ve tried so many different things to fix it, even downloading game a couple of times and nothing. When I try using the controller it works fine but it has to do with the mouse and keys. Need help ASAP!!!

Same. Moving the camera gives frame drops/stutter and moving the character at all freezes the game temporarily. It’s really bad. Was fine until yesterday.

search the forums comment on this post that already have
a ton of people.

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Okay guys, my problem was resolved. If you use Razer Cortex, completely close it before starting the game. This 100% solved my issue.

yes, i’m having the same problem. no issue when trying with my ds4 controller

UPDATE: close asus gpu tweakII and solved the problem. opening the software again after gears already running seems to be okay. i need it on for my fan curve to work, lol

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WOW good find! that actually fixed my game as well!

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Definitely seems to be an issue with Razer Cortex, closed it and running flawless now. Thanks for the help zoolander2

Thanks , disabling razer cortex fixed it for me.