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Keyboard - can't drop weapons as Jack

I have the keybind for pickup set to F, and it says to hold F to drop the weapon Jack is carrying. It doesn’t matter how long I hold the key for, Jack simply won’t drop the weapon.

Has anyone else had this issue?

Jes me…i cant drop only on fabricator works

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Finally… someone else who’s experiencing this! It’s such a strange issue.

Are you using a keyboard/mouse too?

Iam on PC and Keyboard.I can drop weapons in chambers but not in front of ppl and only when opening build menu from fabricator,but then the weapon is on top of fabricator und you cant use it.

Iam on PC and Keyboard. I can drop a weapon with default “E” key only. (Other key remap is not work for me)

Haven’t played horde since I made this post… (excluding doing some quick solo runs for challenges etc).

Does the E key drop the weapon for you, even if you remapped it to something else?

Thanks for the info :+1:

Yeah “E” still be the only key to drop and pickup weapon, even I have set the other key to serve the same function but the others not work but the “E” key still do the job, Kind a bug??