Keyboard and mouse xbox

If the anticheat program works I could care less about playing against PC, I actually welcome it. If there that good at gears it only can made you a better player. I always try to compensate for lag, so compensate for PC. Only advantage I can see them having is turning a little faster. If there aim is on point, take cover. I rolled alot of PC players in tech test and I got Rolled by alot. It never upset me they were on PC what upset me is my own play.

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This is the way I play (mouse and controller) and it’s what I’m comfortable with. I don’t do it for a competitive advantage because it’s actually harder to use as you don’t get access to all the keys that a keyboard offers. I’m probably better on Gears with just a controller (my wallbounce was better and believe it or not my snipes were even better on a controller) but I just feel more comfortable looking and aiming on a mouse.

I’d recommend either an Elite controller or a mouse and keys to people over a mouse and controller. I have to sacrifice certain buttons/actions to play the way I play but I do it because I feel more relaxed playing this way. I also lay down while I play so I guess you can say I’m a bit lazy. :smile:

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Yeah I’m saving my paddels for G5. Can’t wait! Old elites break to easy for that amount of money. I wonder how the new elites are holding up if there even available yet, I never checked.

I think the pre-order is for Nov.
I’m on my 5th Elite in less than 2 years. They’re garbage but no one else has been competent enough to make anything with those clever features. The last thing I want to do is give MS more of my money for controllers but I’ll be first in line for the new Elite and I’ll DEFINITELY be getting an extended warranty. The warranty for my last elite paid off in 4 months when the grips started peeling.

Thanks for the info, what about the scuff controllers? have you checked them out? As for warranty, I went through hell with them kids at gamestop, it’s like there corrupt they always kept telling me they were out of stock and kept trying to replace controller with a used one, it took 3 months and a corporate complaint to get a new one, at least I ended up with the white one after all the BS.

Sorry to hear about that. Gamestop replaced my black one with the newer white one, no questions asked.

Regarding the Scuf, they put the paddles in a terrible spot, IMO. Can’t be used for wallbouncing like the elite. Plus, I’ve had the worst customer service from Scuf. I’ll never buy their products again.

I’ll take your word on it. I honestly can say I never had any problem dealing with Microsoft, they replaced a few standard controllers in the past, so I’ll stick with there products. Done with gamestop though, I heard best buy has a great extended warranty program.

Yeah, whatever works best!

I’m on the Elite and mines been solid for over a year, never had any issues.

I’ll be getting Series 2 on 4th November :+1:

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My gf said she was going to buy me the elite series 2. So so you use the paddles on your series one? Any suggestions on setups?

I’ve also considered using my mouse and keyboard but I just like playing with a controller when it comes to gears so I’m a bit torn.

I really would like to up my game though so any suggestions that people have I’d love to hear!

I use one for TAC Com as my LB is mapped to A.

My settings are just using the bump stumps and putting trigger sens down to 5 each.

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I keep trying to change A to LB and man after all these years it’s so hard to change…I was considering mapping A to one of the paddles to see if that would be easier to learn.

That’s why I just have LB on my Paddle,

I would never change A.

Thats cmpletely ridiculious. Kb&m has a huge movement and shooting advantage. Dont care about the coalitions testing. I shouldnt have to learn a whole new way to play just to be competitive. Matchmaking should pair only controller v controller. Thats why i own an xbox. A console. Not a pc.

When you try both, then I’ll listen to you. I did a lot of things better on a controller than on a mouse. Plus, Gears 5 has a strong aim assist which is going to buff controllers even more in the area they are weak: accuracy.

i also want to note that for the people who do use mouse and keyboard on xbox have input issues like latency spikes and this was not in the tech test before but now its a major problem. it makes it unplayable

I did try both, and listed my impressions here : Tried mouse aiming on xbox - impressions

Controller in left hand on tournament settings, mouse in right hand to aim, various key binds redone, best of both worlds. Of course takes a little getting used to, but quite doable.

You dont have to listen. Its nothing personal. My only point is if I wanted to play against pc/kb&m players, i would buy a p.c. thats why I own a console. Im pretty much a casual player. At my age, I cant play all day every day anymore. . Thats why I play on console. But, when I do play, I wanna que in lobbies against people on the same equipment. Lets be honest, anybody using kb&m on console is trying to find a competitive advantage… Which is a straight up sweat mindset. Play with a kb/m-que with all kb&m players. Controllers que with controllers. Thats fair. Dont give me ■■■■ about how kb&m is avaikable to everybody. So is contr

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Yet? Why not?

Because TC.