Keyboard and mouse xbox

I’ll take your word on it. I honestly can say I never had any problem dealing with Microsoft, they replaced a few standard controllers in the past, so I’ll stick with there products. Done with gamestop though, I heard best buy has a great extended warranty program.

Yeah, whatever works best!

I’m on the Elite and mines been solid for over a year, never had any issues.

I’ll be getting Series 2 on 4th November :+1:

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My gf said she was going to buy me the elite series 2. So so you use the paddles on your series one? Any suggestions on setups?

I’ve also considered using my mouse and keyboard but I just like playing with a controller when it comes to gears so I’m a bit torn.

I really would like to up my game though so any suggestions that people have I’d love to hear!

I use one for TAC Com as my LB is mapped to A.

My settings are just using the bump stumps and putting trigger sens down to 5 each.

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I keep trying to change A to LB and man after all these years it’s so hard to change…I was considering mapping A to one of the paddles to see if that would be easier to learn.

That’s why I just have LB on my Paddle,

I would never change A.

Thats cmpletely ridiculious. Kb&m has a huge movement and shooting advantage. Dont care about the coalitions testing. I shouldnt have to learn a whole new way to play just to be competitive. Matchmaking should pair only controller v controller. Thats why i own an xbox. A console. Not a pc.

When you try both, then I’ll listen to you. I did a lot of things better on a controller than on a mouse. Plus, Gears 5 has a strong aim assist which is going to buff controllers even more in the area they are weak: accuracy.

i also want to note that for the people who do use mouse and keyboard on xbox have input issues like latency spikes and this was not in the tech test before but now its a major problem. it makes it unplayable

I did try both, and listed my impressions here : Tried mouse aiming on xbox - impressions

Controller in left hand on tournament settings, mouse in right hand to aim, various key binds redone, best of both worlds. Of course takes a little getting used to, but quite doable.

You dont have to listen. Its nothing personal. My only point is if I wanted to play against pc/kb&m players, i would buy a p.c. thats why I own a console. Im pretty much a casual player. At my age, I cant play all day every day anymore. . Thats why I play on console. But, when I do play, I wanna que in lobbies against people on the same equipment. Lets be honest, anybody using kb&m on console is trying to find a competitive advantage… Which is a straight up sweat mindset. Play with a kb/m-que with all kb&m players. Controllers que with controllers. Thats fair. Dont give me ■■■■ about how kb&m is avaikable to everybody. So is contr

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Yet? Why not?

Because TC.

I’m losing hope in TC. I’d hate to bring up ethics but Gears is turning into a cash and grab. They are sacrificing the core fundemetles that made gears great for revenue when what they would have made in the long run by doing it right would have been more than enough. They are selling out.

And it’s not just mouse and key. It’s the tour of duty that basically forces people to pay, the store that requires premium currency because you will never earn enough. Gears is being treated like a free to play game. It should have been free. That would justify all the BS they are pulling this time around.

The aim-assist is so strong on controller that it almost makes it even against MK anyway. There’s nothing to stop you getting a mouse, but it doesn’t automatically make you play good. I find the omnidirectional movement is better on controller than unidirectional wsad.

The only advantage keyboard and mouse has over controller is the ability to split evade/mantle/roadie run onto 3 separate keys . You can have a spamable one button wallbounce at the ready . You can wallbounce like mad without ever getting the error of accidently rolling.


Agreed. Keep M&K players away from controller players as much as possible!

Better experience my ■■■. Ppl flock to M&K strictly for the advantage. It’s basically like buying an advantage and makes the game unbalanced.

And TC refuses to unbind certain maneuvers and allow customizable controls for controller. It’s a crappy game with terrible decisions made on balancing for crossplay and input methods!