Keyboard and mouse xbox

Please make it that if you cross play turned off you only match with controller players. I know gears supports keyboard and mouse on the xbox, but have input detection on so if you are using a keyboard and mouse you get match with people with cross play turned on. Others games do this…


Makes sense but TC have already said they won’t do it yet.

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It puts me off playing ranked mode, I can’t see them allowing having keyboard and mouse vs controller in the gears esports.

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I’ve definitely noticed players lazering near cross map with zero recoil recently, Normally players don’t engage from that kind of distance but Keyboard and mouse makes it very viable, Unfair advantages are a no go

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Try KB/M eels! Its the best way to play.


How is it unfair if you have the ability to do it too? You choosing to handicap yourself if your responsibility.

There are mouse abs keyboard sets that cost less than an Xbox controller.


It’s a fair point, and I do plan to try KB/M myself to see if I like it. However, MANY gamers play console because they just want to sit back on their couch and play some games. KB/M almost always requires you to be at a desk.

Also, it’s not unheard of that console games should be locked to controllers. Games like Apex Legends, doesn’t allow console players to use KB/M, and actually Respawn stated they do not condone players who use adapters to let them. Fortnite is another example, as it is my understanding that KB/M is allowed on console, but you can only matchmake with PC players.

If we are being honest here, TC is the odd man out in allowing players on console to use KB/M and matchmake with controller users.

At least you acknowledge M&K has the advantage.

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I use a mouse on the couch. Mouse pad is just on a piece of wood on my lap.
As far as advantages, in many games it is but, as someone posted on another thread, TC even did the testing themselves and found there wasn’t a big disparity in skill between the two in Gears. That’s because gears is very movement based and is designed to play on a controller. When I was playing 4 in console I never had trouble with mouse users on pc. Some are obsessed with calling a mouse an advantage but they refuse to try it. I think they just love excuses.


You’re going to have to pick sides here… In your experience is there an advantage or not? You can’t tell one guy he’s handicapping himself for not using KMB, and then one post later say there not really a difference.

Personally, I think there can be an advantage to using KBM. However, I do agree with you about movement; as I don’t think the average player will ever reach the skill level needed to master the complex movement of Gears.

The advantage of M&K is there if you can use it - as in, the ability to have better / more precise aim.

Generally speaking, if you’re a Controller user like myself, I’m not going to gain anything by switching.

I do believe the controller can counter in that it gives you better movement but less so in 5 now yeah I’ve played it.

So it all depends on the player and the style in which you play.


You misunderstand. It’s not a matter of picking sides. When I refer to handicapping yourself I’m referring to those of you who feel you’re at a disadvantage. I’ve used both extensively in Gears and I wish everyone would try it with a mouse so they can see that, while some things are easier, others become harder because Gears movement is highly based in muscle memory, which is easier to replicate consistently on a controller, with aim assist.

The best D5 players I’ve known have been controller users. I don’t feel there’s a great handicap but many people have that impression and if you do, you have the ability to use a mouse just like everyone else.


Makes more sense, thanks for clarifying.

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But can you play with a mouse and controller?

Then you get the benefit of better aim AND better movement.

Also could someone tell me if the m/kb support in Gears 5 is native or emulated? By that I mean, when you use a mouse is it like using a REAL mouse on a PC, or is it like using a mouse with XIM. Asking because I want to push a developer of another game I play now to bring m/kb support to the Xbox platform.

You mentioned other games do this. How in depth are these checks? I can easily join a lobby with a controller and switch back to kb+m if I wanted to.

I know people who do this.


I tried it and liked it but just cannot get my mind to sync the two together to do it effectively.

Does it work on Xbox though?

Also the other thing I asked.

Never tried, couldn’t see why not tbh.

Your second point, I think it would be native support, the current XboxOS is very similar to Windows10 from what I read a little while ago.

Wait, so a console playing using m/kb counts as a “console” player, for matchmaking/crossplay purposes? They said that?