Key Gears 5 updates since September?

Hello, I’m back.

Been busy with lot of stuff, so I stopped playing Gears 5 since September, and cancelled my Xbox Gold subscription too.

Would appreciate if anyone gave a summary of key updates to the game since September till now.

Has the game changed for better, or worse?

A few more questions:

  1. For my friends in Asia and Australia, has the matchmaking times in ranked improved? How about the ping?

  2. Any new community managers and moderators hired by TC?

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The game has stopped being supported. No more new characters, maps etc.

Operations are on a sort of rolling auto-pilot basis with no new additions, rewards etc. Just Gear Coins and Iron. There’ll be occasional Versus PVP “events” but just repeats of old ones and no new TOD Medal group for them.

New store customisation items have now ceased. I imagine the only new customisation items will be those given out during esports streams.

And I think the promotional PVE classes were buffed a bit since you were last on (I can’t remember exactly when this happened). So for example the Protector now has a new passive skill which heals them based on being close to a bleeding enemy.



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You make it sound so bleak


Also, there was something about the PVP ranked rewards as well. Someone else who actually plays PVP will be able to tell you exactly what it is (so please feel free to correct me!), but it’s something like the PVP rewards for being in the top 100 of any playlist has ceased (or something) but the top 1000 rewards will continue for another Operation (or possibly two Ops?)

And there was a minor change to the PVP tuning as well. I can’t remember exactly what it was but I remember glancing at it in their blogpost and thinking “this is a weird thing given they’re stopping support for the game”.

And the overall player population, as expected given the game is now over 2 years old, has dropped. I dunno about PVP, but with PVE there are fewer pages in the Horde and Escape sections. The Escape private lobby browser is usually between only half a page to one full page of lobbies. Horde tends to be around 7-9 depending on times.


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Yeah didn’t bother with the ranked rewards lol. Too grindy to stay in the top 1000 or something. I remember the leaderboard system sucking the fun out of me in OP7. I enjoyed the GP system before OP7, and played ranked seriously.
With OP7, I just played ranked casually with only friends.

I remember this being true before September too.

Hello @TC_Clown ! Nice too see you still active on the forums! Hope you are doing well, and trolling fellow forum members.


No. Shauny was the last one and left TC some time ago, due to an incident that the details are to remain private of. Ever since, they moved the management of community interactions - and I’m using that term loosely here - to a “community team” account that has responded a grand total of one time when it was not in relation to forum maintenance, news updates or updating the Versus tuning thread.

No volunteer mods have appeared in the meantime either so we still have old Ghost around, and if any “senior mods” are new around here, or the old ones are still active, they only do background work and don’t do forum interaction, not that there’s necessarily anything wrong with that.


some key notes from the TC dev stream


Ghost and Ace are the only Moderators that give a damn, the rest have been/are useless.


Nice to see you back my man

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Yesterday (~ 9 hours ago), it was 11 for me!