Kestral Rockets

So in a round of boss rush i decided to try and shoot the rocket housing on the Kestral and when i did it seemed that the Kestral took alot of damage and he also stopped firing, i did this again in another match and it happened again, but it also seems that there are certain conditions that must be met because i have shot the housing before and nothing happend.

Does anyone know if shooting the rocket housing on the Kestral when its firing do any extra damage or is this just a fluke?

Edit: After some testing it seems like a once per game sort of thing, i did it once and then couldn’t do it again to the same Kestral or any other Kestral that round.

you do more damage if you can shoot a missile as it’s firing it,you find out all this sort of stuff in campaign.

Oh, hmm never found this out in the campaign, but thanks for letting me know it is a real thing