Keep the pumpkin head as a customisation item

I actually dig a lot how my character looks with the pumpkin head (chrome steel paduk) would be great to keep him like that forever, i know people will complain is too showy and easier for snipers to spot you, but damn I wish they could make it smaller and make it an actual skin


I think op 5 is supposed to be getting “fun” modifiers like how they did for horde and campaign in 3. If that’s the case I think that would be a cool head to run around the campaign in LoL.

Id like to have Sara Conners head on thrashball Coles body with workout Fahzs’ lower anatomy… Or Maybe Sams head on Workout Fahzs’ body with Zamil Karns legs.And a gun that shoots pumpkins instead of a pumpkin head.

Ironic for a Doctor to forget to take his own medication.


Marcus head on kait’s body

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Isnt that type of customization coming in op 5?