Keep saying xbox live account error when trying to log in forum

Idk why but i keep getting an error that tells me to go on whenever i try loggin in on forums

But you’re logged in?

If i click on then sign in then open new tab it lets me log in sometimes
But sometimes it doesnt let me and i have to keep on doing it until it lets me in

I had the same issue the past couple of days. I deleted my old bookmark and created a new one and now I have no issues. I’m not sure if that was the fix or just timing but all is normal now.

I tried to log in all yesterday and it finally let me log in now but it was after going on like 25 times

Update: the new bookmark did not help lol. I’m still having the same issues as well.

I had the same issue for a while today, then it eventually allowed me to log in. Strange.

Took me a week just to finally get logged in right now. Over a dozen times a day. I had to keep doing what you were doing lol. Good ole TC. Finally got in though.

Just for note: for a short time I also had got this problem today when I tried to log in from mobile devices. :neutral_face:

I had the same issue yesterday on my mobile. Hard shutdown and restart of the iPhone Seemed to fix it for me. :man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2:

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I get it to work by going to bottom of thread, click on reply and it’ll ask you to login. That’s how I get it to work for me.

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