Keep getting kicked out of my horde and campaign games

Is this happening to anyone else?

Me and my friend can never finish 50 waves without one or both of us disconecting midway through it


Yes this same thing just happened to me today, somebody left and after we got to level 39 then died it wouldn’t start back up. This is ridiculous and the Coalition need to really fix this terrible bug. We not spending hours on horde mode just to not be able to finish it!

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That’s the thing. You have to invest so much time on a mode that when you cant finish it you feel frustraded. TC needs to fix it asap.


This has happened to me over 5 times while hosting horde matches with my friends. The most recent was wave 48 , then we all get kicked. Then I get a message that says I’m no longer connected to the server, and to check my connection. This on an enterprise wired network, and smart house that didn’t even blink. I’ve called my ISP the first three times this happened and they claim they show no record of any kind of network outage in their logs. I’t must be a bug. It happens to me 1 out of 3 matches that I host. I even have a rule on my firewall to open the Gears 5 port to open NAT.

It keeps happening to me too. It’s a bug issue (Why am I not surprised). Ever since the latest game update for operation 2 this has been happening over and over and over and over again. Typical gears smh :unamused:

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I have never been able to finish a horde match. Hosted or joined, the result is the same and I get kicked. I am a network engineer and troubleshot everything on my end with the help of my ISP. All is clear with no issues. Coalition, if your not gonna fix or support horde, remove it and use the resources on something else. Don’t waste my / our time.

Same thing has been happening to me.
I want to play horde alone so i host a game with bots.
After that, i start the game but after playing for around 2 minutes or less (it seems random) the game says i timed out. My problem is not my internet connection, and i’m playing alone so it doesn’t make sense.
I tried playing horde with a another person, took me 5 MINUTES to find a single match with a single person.
Barely started the game and already timed out.
help pls

Since the New Year for PC players, The game kicks the host out of their own lobbies.