KEEP CORE ALIVE with featured weapon skins rotated in different play lists!

For example one week you could have the flaming skins for dodge ball after every completed dodgeball match you get a random flaming skin! The next week it could be pink phantom for TDM. This would give those who missed a skin or 2 the chance to complete the set and others who missed it altogether a chance to get these sweet skins plus it would make people play modes they might not play keeping the playlists full. Every thing i have busted my butt to earn in this game has been given away or made craftable .Im pretty sure alot of people would be happy completing their sets . TO be fair this was not my idea. But it is a great idea!


Sounds like a good idea, but I certain they wont do this for the Esports skins… well because its Esports exclusive skins so they should be tied with esports events/stream only.

I think it’s a great idea, but just like @DarkChaoz95 said it’s highly unlikely. In my opinion it’s not because they want to keep the skins exclusive but more like TC and the esports section are two completely different entities, just an example: big gears event this past weekend in Europe briefly mentioned in wednesday stream ( we’ll see you on saturday and that was it) and not a peep on the “official forum”? Nothing on the Esports section on the web page.

I don’t use social media stuff but do check esports twitter once in a while since it’s the only reliable source of information for events like this past one. I would appreciate if the “Official Forums” would keep everything gears related in the same place instead of having to comb the web for facebook, twitter, reddit and whatever it is they use nowadays.

The 4XP did improve playlist population, maybe something extra would boost it even further?

Ya I was surprised the EGL Gears event wasn’t called out more explicitly or even at all that I saw. I only stumbled upon it by chance when clicking on mixer when I was bored.

Incentivizing playlists with extra xp has been great and using skins to periodically invigorate playlists sounds like a good idea too. It’s been fun these couple of weeks playing modes I wouldn’t normally have played without a little push.

There is no rules on any skins being exclusive If they can sell you a Raam pack for$10 bucks then sell it for credits then make him craftable, They can make free giveaway skins earnable in game the phantom skins are made by TC not some seperate esports companty they were given for free . I bet there is so many people who couldnt complete their set beccause of life, like the syndrome…one skin per stream until the last three guns are given thats 12 events to watch to complete 1 set . Anyone with any kind of life could have missed 1 event. ps I know Raam isn’t craftable but they could make him craftable.

Then people shouldn’t obsess over esports skins, if they cannot make the commitment to tune in and watch in order to get it, then they should move on.

Esports skins are given to boost up esports stream viewership.

For example: I have alot of nuclear and phantom skins missing, but I don’t think its the end of the world if the set is completed, particularly since I aint going to even use the whole set anyway.

Also, I’m EU, so If I can stay up and watch whole stream and have work at 3AM, whilst sacrificing sleep then I’m sure people can too, even if they watching only for the skin

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