Keep 'CHUTANI' and 'FENIX' stenciled on armor!

This is the real petition. The serious (very real and not at all exaggerated) real deal.

I was shocked when Rod announced some time ago that “FENIX” was only stenciled on JD’s chestplate for the trailer, and the stenciling has been removed from the final game. Shocked! Shocked I tell you.

Names stenciled on armor has been in the comics and the books. It was a joyous occasion to see it in Gears 5. Keep it, I say! It’s military as all hell to have your surname or callsign on your uniform and plate carrier. And how better to fill all that empty real estate on the character’s chest?

This absolutely critical matter must be presented to the eyes of The Coalition and Rod Fergusson. Let’s get those names back on them armors, peoples. Or die trying.


As long as they flip them upside down. Poor lads might forget their names, but at least this way they can remember who they are…assuming they can read that is.


You had me until, “absolutely critical matter”…

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Had you laughing, or had you fooled? Because either way