Keegan's Venom Explosive Resupply card is broken

Just finished a couple of Master runs on Barracks and our Keegan dropped his resupply in the venom but didn’t get any ammo for his Dropshot or Torque. We tried it again on a separate run and it still didn’t work. This is literally his ace in the hole card and it seems to be broken. Has anyone else experienced this?

Which cards were you using? There was once a time where Healing Module and Venom Resupply didn’t work each other. Only one card would work. Have you tried with just Venom Resupply alone? So it’s 100% a new bug? I have not played Keegan recently and I’m not on. There hasn’t been anyone else mentioning this, so…

Oh ok that might be the case. Keegan did in fact have both cards in. Hopefully that’s fixed, Having to pick one or the other isn’t cool. Thanks.