Keegan's resupply does not refill the grenade launcher rounds on the lance gl when

He at least has one level for the resupply perk in horde.
Does anyone else noticed that the resupply does not refill the gl rounds when Keegan has at least one level in the explosive resupply perk?

Is it because they are considered grenades or something like that?

Anyways, I think it should resupply grenades and the grenade launcher rounds. The grenades are considered explosive.

For example, if you get a tour of duty objective that says get X kills with explosive weapons, a kill with a grenade is valid for completing said objective.

Is this a bug or did the devs intend for the explosive resupply to not resupply grenades and grenade launcher rounds?

What do you individuals think?

If what I mentioned is not clear, please just ask me to restate whatever was not clear.

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Well it does say it in the name Grenade launcher so i think the devs did it intentionally because in Escape Keegan cannot get any grenades or Gls from his venom explosive regen card unless they changed it in op4?

Besides if you have a fully upgraded locker full of Lancer Gls, plus buying grenades from the fabricator with the capacity card it shouldn’t really matter if it affects it.

Also i havn’t played Keegan in op4 so i don’t really know what the max potential that perk has, if it’s any thing like Clays chaingun regen then he’ll be unstoppable with salvos xD.

Didn’t know that was the case in escape. However, I think it should resupply the grenades because grenades work for the “kill X enemies with explosive damage” tour objective.

In addition, do you think that Keegan’s resupply should refill grenades when at least the lvl 1 explosive resupply perk is purchased or the card is equipped, for the escape scenario?

For the perk i would say i would say it should regen one grenade at lvl 5 and then 2 at lvl 10, lets say every 30 seconds for balance reasons xD. Just like when you upgrade ammo capacity at lvl 5 and 10 you get an additional grenade slot taking to 4 in total.

As for the venom card i would say no because not all escape maps have frags and chances are you’ll have better weapons to regen explosive ammo for anyway like boomshot, salvo etc.

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The salvo with explosive resupply maxed out is really fun to use.

I’m an avid Keegan player, so yeah I noticed this Pretty quickly in the new op.

It’s probably how the weapon is coded If I’m honest. The lancer GL has two types of Ammo bit under most circumstances: it is only calling on the main assault rifle ammo, since the weapon isn’t flagged as “explosive” that’s probably what’s going on.

I imagine the devs made an exception to this for ammo boxes.

That said. I’m not sure if resupply should reload GL rounds. I worry about balance, because a maxed out explosive resupply perk regens boomshot rounds faster than you can shoot them.

I know they just did a Passover of card language so that they are more easily understood in their usage… but some still require some tuning. The resupply speed loader card for example does not let everyone bypass reloads. Rather, it allows only Keegan to bypass reloads while the field is up, and he doesn’t even need to be in the field for it to work.

But I’m getting off topic. Explosive resupply works for salvo rockets. I’ve seen how straight busted that can be, so allowing GL rockets, while nice and would make sense… might be a bit much

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Shh, don’t let them hear you say that.

Ok, seriously, I’m at home, working from home, and when I read these, I am posting this, and then immedaitely going to the basement to fire up my xbox and try this, hahahahahah…

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Go and do! Just don’t tell anyone from here, lord forbid you actually have fun with the game haha

Well, i did, but i was disappointed. I expected it to work like ammo regen, during the game. It only applies to keegan’s ultimate… have to execute his ultimate to get it… So whole it might reload you as fast as you can shoot it, it is only during the ultimate… Whereas regular ammo regen works anytime, put the weapon on your back, it"s getting refilled…

So not horrible, but not as expected.

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I’m kind of glad you thought it was disappointing. It will probably be less likely to be considered unbalanced or in need of a “change”

True. Apologies if that was misleading. However you can get Keegan’s ultimate fairly quickly deep into a horde match. You don’t have to equip the explosive resupply card, which means you can add in duration or healing module.

If you just so happen to have a level 5 or higher speed loader card too… you can enjoy the feeling of firing a rotary grenade launcher. Automatically reloading boomshot fired at gnasher speed. It hilarity (during ultimate of course)

Haha, right, that would be fun! Just only during the ultimate, not all the time, haha… Yes, that would be pretty OP :grin:

Does the explosive resupply work in horde? The card says “while in venom”.

You don’t use any venom cards in horde. The perks resemble those venom effects, so instead you invest in Explosive Resupply perk that Keegan has.

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fired 65 salvos, and still have 30+ left over, haha. Master Frenzy,

BUT BUT Salvos are sooooooooo underpowered in this game, this isn’t really all that exciting…

40 salvos, 1500 damage per rocket = 60K damage…

a single active boomshot does about 10k? salvos were really nerfed into the ground… it’s pathetic, really…

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You are forgetting bleed damage though.

I could certainly wipe a map with salvos. It’s harder to do with a boom.

Nah, they reduced the bleed damage so much, that it’s what now? Max of about 20%? That just doubles the damage… so the total damage of a 40 round salvo, with max bleed is 120,000… In that video I fired about 65 salvos, I’m sure about 40 hit, with bleed, and it hardly made a difference… It was fun, and looked cool, but from the damage point of view, not really impressive… well, I guess it wasn’t TOO bad… I probably did about 25-35% damage on that kestrol.

The biggest problem with that is, you have to stay/sit there, and keep shooting them, to let the damage accumulate… and while you are shooting (bleeding) marshmallows at them, one at a time, they down you with a single burst from a HB or 2 bullets from a claw…

Booms are better - you can pop up, fire one, and pop back into cover…

The only place where Keegan’s salvo spam is feasible is if he’s protected by Mac’s shield… Or he’s hidden out of sight of the enemies, like I was in that video…

A buzzkill blade does MORE DAMAGE THAN A SALVO ROCKET (1800 vs 1500)!! That just breaks my heart…

And Buzzkills are also still kinda useless. They were fun in Gears 4 with a heavy weapons build Heavy up to Insane… now it’s all about the Tri-Shot and other than Salvos who bothers to use them? Even the Cryo is barely used but that’s likely more down to players not realizing what uses that thing has…