Keegan Shredder cards

What the best way to get these cards? I’ve been playing lots of Escape and I just can’t seem to get any of these freaking cards.

When will the fix they damn card drop issue?

Fastest way would be to craft.

Most chance way would be Master Escape,

Otherwise, Incon Clock.

Even master clock is quite easy to beat, and you will get 5 cards of that run.
I found that rarity of droping cards is lower quality nowadays, also scrap from duplicates isn’t as much as I had in good days.

Take advantage of the bonus-cards in each hive. Keegan can be useful in at least 15 hives,

Also, once Shredder is at Lv5 you’ll get showered with them.

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Seems like TC went out of their way to make this particular card difficult to get. I’m currently at 1/10. I don’t want to spend 5400 scrap to get it.

I kept doing Insane Surge runs and eventually got them all. It’s annoying maxing out Shredder as Keegan has 4 purple cards, which have extremely low drop rate. Being at L4 card is not bad though, it’s only a 5% increase to L5 so definitely not worth the scrap.

I maxed the Shredder card doing The Clock on Inconceivable as well as Incon/Master Horde. It would never drop for me on The Surge speedrun on Insane.

Yep. The Surge on Insane doesn’t seem to drop those cards. The Clock it is then.

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I decided I would start leveling up my low level characters and started on Keegan 2 months ago. I have been on level 4 shredder for 2 months. I have not seen that card since I got it to level 4 and its the last one to finish but I have a ton of epic score cards and got just about got 1 or 2 from every run. Same thing happened with Marcus’s rifle feed back and Fahz’s longshot handling. Its like the game knows what card I am atfter but refuses to drop it lol

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Play random master matches or grind on the surge/ the clock.

I could give you some btw if it was possible :stuck_out_tongue:


Holy S…

The only words I can use to describe that :joy:



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Now that’s a lot of da… er, no, wrong thing. Scrap. Whenever TC let us get it from excess skill duplicates when they get that stupid Level 6 in or just make them scrappable.

You’d basically be able to upgrade everything to level 6 if TC decide on this path.

Alternatively once everything is scrapable then you’ll have piles of scrap and nothing to use it on! TC really need to add more things to the Supply Drop pool.


Was Keegan your most played Escape character?

When I looked at mine, Mac had 6 days, 20 hours and Keegan had 4 days, 7 hours.


245 Barrier Feedback (Legendary)
213 Adrenalin Junkie (Epic)
186 Epic Sore Boost (Epic)
177 Venom Recharge (Epic)
205 Barrier Battery (Rare)


106 Resupply Healing Module (Legendary)
50 Epic Score Boost (Epic)
58 Resupply Amplifier (Epic)
41 Shredder (Epic)
19 Venom Boost (Epic)

It seemed like you have double to quadruple amount of Keegan’s cards.

Aren’t most of your duplicates from grinding Escape characters and/or running Mac solo on Clock runs for ribbon XP?

Running solo would take too long I would think.

Not really. It is possible to pass Elite or Insane solo Clock runs in 8-10 minutes(or maybe even less than 8) with 16 or more ribbons, which with Boost is like 12,000-14,000 XP per run(although it may not always reliably yield 16 ribbons at least in my experience). Which is infinitely better for leveling than even Master Horde runs with 30+ ribbons.

I think most were from playing Incon / Master Escape, whether grinding cards or passing early hives.

I guess. I think my highest amount of duplicates is probably on Lizzie, with notably 40+ on the Salvo. And generally enough on her to get every skill to Level 6 once they bring that stuff… if ever.