Keegan’s Speed Reloader

I had only been using this card at level 3-4 until now since I don’t play him much. I was curious why people were saying it was so great since I wasn’t noticing much from it. After deciding to spend some coins to upgrade, I was surprised that at level 5 the entire function of the card changes. It takes the need to reload completely away. At level 6 it not only does that but also gives you active rounds. Holy crap does that equal some destruction!

I think lots of players might not realize his potential because we’re so used to every card being an incremental increase as it levels up.


For this very reason, I’ve always thought you should be able to click on a card and see every perk it gives at every level, not just seeing what the next level gives if upgraded.


I think part of it, is as you say, because the function of the card changes at level 6, players have no way of truly knowing this until they get to level 5 and can actually read the description for level 6.

Also I think most people are creatures of habit and once they settle on their usual 5 cards, they have a hard time changing.

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Oh yeah Keegan is a beast with that card. Add recharge bounty to your set up and you will never need a locker ever again. This card essentially turns the boomshot into a fully automatic grenade launcher after you have maxed out your explosive reload perk.

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I just use a Salvo to get my Ultimate back. Early on you can time your ultimate with getting max rockets before ulti ends and if you have really good timing you can have 1 or 2 rockets in the air just as your ulti ends.

Setup: Resupply Speed Loader, Resupply Amplifier, Resupply Duration, Resupply Healing Module, Shredder.
In ultimate you (and your team!) can tank most damage on Master while you are doing more damage than a JD can by spamming active boomshots. So it’s a team support build that gives you the ability to outdamage JD and if you can manage your ammo you’re almost never waiting on your ultimate CD (and with Salvo you really don’t have to worry).

Keegans cards make all the other level 5/6 dissapointing

Oh another small percentage increase thats fun …

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Nice idea but no… You can do about 390,000 damage during your ultimate with boom, whereas jd does about 100,000 per single active GL voley… Keegan is cool, but he is little more than JD-light when it comes to damage…

Yes, you are right. JD’s will outdamage a Keegan on certain bosses. Until a Kestrel, Sentinel, Guardians, Bastion Shields or Elite Drones that aim at him come along. Imo the only thing JD does better than Keegan is burst dps on boss: on a Carrier/Matriarch or a slow Snatcher. Those 100k damage rockets don’t mean much when there are only 1 to 5 relatively low HP enemies in sight (which die or get very low by the time a GL hits).

I mean, a JD can carpet bomb them of course. However the Keegan’s boomshot hits them before the GL rockets come down. It’s basically a choice whether you want JD or Keegan:
JD kills certain bosses faster (higher burst)
Keegan kills waves (slightly?) faster while giving the team 225% hp regen, ammo regen and 63% damage reduction (It’s funny seeing your team confidently in the open during your ultimate only for them to get downed the instant your ulti runs out).

Though if I get to pick between a random JD and a random Keegan to fill in a damage slot I’d pick JD. It’s just much easier and straight-forward to deal consistent damage as JD. Keegan has to think about ammo and ulti management to get the best results, especially early waves. Also misusing Keegan’s ulti severely limits his damage potential.

EDIT: I’ve been trying out a high risk tactic with the dropshot. If you can get near a matriarch (and spam the ground near his back) or a Carrier/Snatcher you can machine gun it. It seems to deal way more damage than a boomshot, just melting anything in seconds. You can fire the dropshot like 3 times as fast as a boomshot, you can even run out of ammo during max perked+carded ultimate.

well, spam salvo is good enough with resist and bleed.

Active auto boomshot just make it OP.

But u know nerf hammer is always waiting to strike.

its not really need to time the cdr.

All u need is share the active for team on early waves, and once u hit max resupply perk, u just keep shooting and if you cant gain active back, thats because ur team is doing good enough to clear a wave , so u can just sit back and watch the Marcus Fahz show.

??? Troll

That post seems to be written backwards and was most likely made during a period of boredom by that poster.

3 questions to the Keegan experts, or at least, people that have played him a lot since Op 4 so know how it goes, for Horde.

FYI I currently have Healing Module / Resupply Duration / Resupply Speed Loader (maxed) / Shredder / and Recharge Bounty.

  1. When re-supplying with explosive ammo on, is it better to fire active boomshot rounds by using the Speed Reloader card, or spam a salvo? Going the salvo route means the speed reloader card is a bit pointless, so it could be changed out for something else. Or - is it a case of doing both? Tips welcome please!

  2. Does anyone know the optimum amount to put into his Explosive Regen perk so that you never run out of boomshot ammo whilst the re-supply is going on? I got overexcited in a Frenzy insane run just now and maxed it out, but realised that past a certain point it becomes wasteful because you can’t fire quick enough to deplete your stock at all.

3)Is Eagle Eyes a good card for Insane or higher? I know it pairs really well when there’s a JD bombing the hell out of the map, but if there’s no JD, do you think Recharge Bounty is better? (or better in general even without JD)


Interrogation card is even better that’s IF JD has spotter support in horde. Otherwise it’s useless in horde to have interrogation card.

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Ah right. I’ve never played as JD so not aware of his cards. Are you saying that there’s no point spotting multiple enemies? I guess it’s good if you can mark lots and kill lots e.g. with a salvo, right?

What is Keegan’s main benefit to the team? The thing I can’t quite wrap my head around is that he has a perk that resupplies explosives, but you can get the same effect with a weapons locker. He has a perk for ammo capacity but again, you can get the same benefit from the weapons locker. He has an assault rifle perk, but then he’s probably better being used with explosives. He can resupply ammo to his team, but people don’t really run out of ammo because there’s plenty of crates.

So…where is his real strength?

It would be if it would actually work. It doesn’t though. Once in a while most enemies actually get bombarded and sometimes you get nothing despite the entire Map/Hive glowing up,

Check Keegans passive ability, you should be tagging the entire match.

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