Keegan Resupply Speed Loader card change

Did they just recently change the description of this card? First it was bypass, now it’s larger active reload window.

Still says the same for me. Bypasses reload at Level 5, and gives active rounds at Level 6.

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Oh ok. Must gotta be at a certain card level. Didn’t know some cards descriptions change at certain levels.

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Some do change at Level 6 especially,

Like Lahni’s Executioner and JD’s Good Kill start to give medium Ammo Box (Pouch) rather than Pilfer. This gives a whole clip like 100 Claw / HB bullets, 8 Gnasher, 10 Markza, 1 Longshot, 3 EMBAR… a magazine clip.


This was added on in the latest patch. I think they realized that a “faster reload” inherently made it harder to nail a perfect one due to how it inherently threw off your timing of muscle memory and just the speed in general. So now the reload is faster AND the active bar is larger (you can see this also on JD’s launcher reload card)

At level 5 Keegan’s speed loader card allows him (only him! Sadly…) to bypass the need to reload during his ultimate (which means you don’t even have to be in the field!)

At level 6 I believe it does this and provides you with active rounds, much like Marcus’ ultimate.

So it stands to reason that levels 1-4 speed up his reload and make the active bar bigger to make it easier to hit a perfect active.

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A pilfer pickup gives you 100 claw ammo too, and fully resets a mace too :grin:


I used this card at level 4 with boomshot and the active bar was the same size, i missed a few reloads during ultimate

I’d recommend getting that card to level 6 ASAP. With explosive resupply perk maxed you’re basically shooting boomshots or GL lancer grenades nonstop during the ult.

Yea thats the plan, but until then figured it would help a bit but that does not seem to be the case