Keegan Escape - Legendary Card Question

Does anyone know the exact way Keegan‘s Golden card actually works?

  • Does anyone receiving supply gets the Healing and Damage Reduction buff permanently until the round ends?
  • Does it count for all team players or just the ones staying inside the supply radius?
  • if the Buffs aren’t permanent for the round, the card would be pretty useless I guess but right now it’s not really clear to me.

Looking forward to what your experience with this card is @TC_Octus (you told several times you’re a regular Escape player…)

I would like to know this as well.

It only works if you’re inside the Resupply radius. But some things can kill you while you’re under Level 5 effects. Like Popper blowing up in your face.


The whole buff only works inside the radius?? Is this definitely the case?

This would make this card an absolute joke. What a waist. Keegan is already unbelievable weak and only good for some nades and sometimes ammo (though on higher grades you mostly have enough ammo).

Is this really intended as that @TC_Octus? Think it’s total nonsense to have that as a golden card.

Level 3 to 5 Shredder with a Boomshot or Dropshot would like to have a word with this statement.


Thx. That’s known of course.

Still he’s the by far weakest char compared to all others (maybe Kat also but she’s pretty useless imho so never really checked her out on higher levels).

From my perspective he def needs a substantial buff in some cards (TC also NERVED his Snub power!).

He even doesn’t have any health upgrade beside the explosion one although still all near poppers will down you immediately.

Overall: I don’t get the balancing between a char like Emile (who’s def slightly overpowered compared to all others), Mac and Keegan.

Lahni is also a bit weak for higher difficulties and only useful due to her great ultimate. But that’s not the topic.

Really hope Keegan gets a substantial buff, and Lahni maybe a slight one.

I never got the impression Keegan was anywhere near weak once you get your hands on some explosives. One single frag will tear through multiple Drone Elites or Hunter Elites easily with Shredder at Level 4, even on Master. Same goes for the Boomshot. Two shots or frags usually nearly kills a Scion on Master. Salvos are also completely OP with that bleed damage. That’s what you should use him with.


If you get your hands on a Boom or some nades, you’re right. But that’s not the case 90% of the time. So in the rest he remains a bit weak I think. It also depends on the specific hive you’re in. There are some where he’s more useful than in others.

Dude, Keegan carries so hard and that’s why he’s big and buff. Give him two Explosive weapons, Dropshot and Boomshot and infinite 7 Frags and he’ll mostly carry the entire team through Hive, Mines, Hunters, Surge, Wanderer, Descent, you name it. He’s goddam OP when completely maxed Level 5 cards. Mac or Lahni doesn’t even need to fight on Hive. Kill like 4 or 5 enemies with Recharge Bounty and boom. Maxed Ult for moar Venom Explosive Resupply for rest of match.


I would agree somewhat, but it may come down to the difficulty, escape map, current card loadout, and whomever is playing him for that matter. I decent with Keegan, but on higher difficulty may differ somewhat.

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I really got into escape now, need to level up my keegan and experience this set up.

Who do you lot think will be added to play as in escape? I never read hivebusters so is there any other characters from that that could make an appearance? Or do you think they will just add marcus, JD etc?

They might add Hoffman. I don’t know if he can fight.

But a screenshot suggests Lizzie, Paduk and COG Gear for Escape.

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Wolfenstein did amazing wheelchair combat. Would love to see Hoffman with a modified wheelchair that could fire salvos, shield himslef or others and race down hills and smash into swarm.

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Hopefully the classic ones aber NOT added as this wouldn’t make any sense lore-wise and I def enjoy playing a kind of “different” char set up compared to VS or Horde.

As stated, Paduk, Lizzy and a COG one had been seen on a screenshot, I also dismiss that as I’m not into the regular Cog soldiers (personal taste, I never got that Carmine obsession either;) and Paduk doesn’t make any sense to me, but we’ll see how this will work out.

Hoffman would be around 75+, so that wouldn’t make any sense either (lore-wise). Still I really like that character since day one. His voice after every round in VS was so much better than Jinn…

Still I think Keegan’s legendary card is somewhat useless. But to be honest; Many golden cards are.

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Hang on a minute. You’re saying Epic, Golden and Healing Module. They are completely different things, Keegan’s Legendary is Healing Module. Legendary is Golden. Epic is Purple. His Epic cards are Epic Score, Venom Boost, Shredder and Resupply Amplifier. I guess they’re all useful, especially last three.

Copy that. I meant Golden / Legendary.

Will Edit that in the other posts.


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His healing mod works only inside the resupply circle radius. You would want to adjust your build for that if you want to use it. Cool down, duration, maybe radius. I personally never use it. I find his shredder and grenade card depending on the map more useful. Cooldown and duration usually stay on. His venom resupply is nice too.

As stated above you can die from poppers etc in the circle, but you can take some bullets. The only gold card I really run is lahni to get the knife up few times a game if needed. Keegan is a tank with explosives, but his gold card is really all he is got heath wise.

Dont really find it super important, even at level 4 on master runs. You’d want eagle eye on too if you’re really trying to push it a few times a game. @Ektope summed it up pretty well.

If Paduck comes in with sniper builds I hope they improve the maps. It’s not very hard as it is. Would be nice to see some boss fights in the hives with actual guns, and a lay out for a fight. Not just lock it in a room. Might actually use the healing mod then.

In the comics Hoffman is Scorpios leader, I found his absence in 5 rather strange.


Now i want a campaign centred around the hivebusters.

It makes sense for paduk to be a sniper but what do any of you think lizzie or cog gear would specialise in?

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When I play with Keegan on Maps when high Venom pressure, like The Hunters or Descent. I would prefer Keegan to have Shredder, Grenade Capacity, Recharge Bounty, Venom Explosive Resupply and Venom Boost, rather than Eagle Eyes. You might be asking why. Well, sometimes there’s no time to mark all the enemies when Venom is extremely close by. Or marking more might actually speed up Ultimate for Venom Explosive Resupply? Single targets, it’s better with Venom Boost. Or it’s just personal preference.

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Gonna give that a try with the venom boost.