Keegan and JD Nerfed to buff "Support Class" Clayton

I liked clayton ability to be a support-type character, but I don’t like the way they did decide to change explosive’s bleeding damage just to “buff” a couple classes.

But we’ll have to see how does the game develop during the next weeks.

Wait. Why did they nerf Keegans bleed card? I know he got some buffs but I never considered his bleed damage to be OP.

Keep in mind in many cases enemy HP is reduced and baseline damage is increased.


Increased baseline damage players deal in Escape by 25%. (Was previously 50% less damage than Horde by default)
Reduced Master Difficulty Health Modifier (Horde and Escape) from 2.5 to 2.0.
Doubled the amount of ultimate charge gained by doing damage for all characters.


Yeah, context is everything. Overall it sounds like master difficulty Horde and Escape will become significantly easier.

Also Keegan has received a number of extra buffs as well like Venom Boost reduces his ultimate cooldown even more. It will change how Keegan is played in Escape a bit - namely that they will be able to drop their Ammo Rsupply more often, and they will need to utilise it in combat situations to take advantage of the extra explosive ammo they can get. And to be frank, good Escape players should already be doing this already. It’s possible for Keegan to get 4 Boomshot rounds per Ammo Drop if he has maxed out duration card (possibly even 5 rounds? I could have sworn I’ve seen this happen before if the first two replenished rounds are fired off super quick).


IMO Clayton was only good for a few things, like retro charging rejects, and stunning bosses.

I’m glad he, and many others, will be able to dish out some damage.


Yeah but they are playing fast and loose with math again…

From 2.5 to 2.0 thats a20% reduction… But bleed is being reduced by about 50%… So it is a drop, no matter what…


No it isn’t the bleed at level 5 for JD/Keegan was 50% now it’s 22% per tick. Only a 28% decrease but a 20% decrease in enemy health…so it ain’t too bad really

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Im happy sires can be chainsawed now, marcus invincible during executions, power taps giving health boosts that stack depending on how many taps you have. Lizzie’s dropshot card. Loads of good stuff.

I wonder what paduk’s abilities will be, maybe a sort of spot grenade radius that the entire team can benefit from.

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I’m thinking he’ll have a couple of cards that buff the Markza - Paduk was so particular about the weapons he used in the Judgment campaign and had a real hard-on for UIR weapons, so this makes sense. Maybe general damage, critical hits and reduced recoil? Or maybe even larger ammo magazine?


This was his ultimate in Gears judgment

No, sorry…

It went from 50 to 22, so it decreased by 28. Thats a reduction of 56% …

If you have $50, 000 and someone tskes $28, 000 you lost 56% of your money…

Enemy health on master dropped by 20%, the bleed dropped by 56%

You know, you pay 20% income tax and then you have to pay only 10%, your taxes dropped by 50%, right? It is a change of 10 percentage POINTS, which makes up 50% of what you used to pay… Same idea here.

The drop in enemy health (on 1 diff level only) is much smaller than the drop in bleed on all levels (20% vs 56%)


Yeah… Probably another gold card it will take forever to level up…

Everyone is forgetting how stupid the card rng is… This feels a little like an invitation to another several months of grinding in exchange of a promise of good cards…

Just more ways of feeding us epic team score boosts after horde games

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Well yeah. How else is TC going to keep you playing Horde and Escape lol. I really wish they would add more enemies to Horde I mean we have a library of enemies to use.

Was it only to see enemy’s in judgment? I was thinking it could be like fahz’s xray but only in a certain radius and the whole team could benefit from it.

They nerfed Claytons concusive card? WHY?

Also nerfing JD has had no effect on him what so ever as from what I am seeing that GL is still as powerful as ever.

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Dunno why they continue to nerf characters. Why make the one good character bad, when you could make all the bad characters good.

At least after OP5 starts, they won’t nerf characters! :grin:
Only classes or whatevers… :neutral_face:

This is Paduk ultimate in Gears Judgment. I took a little clip from YouTube.

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It doesn’t look like cole could shoot them through walls, just see them.

Yeah, it’s just to see where they are coming from.