Kd overview in gears 5

I have a question does your kd go by rank or also quickmatches been trying to bring it up amd i am taking about kd overview

It’s a total of all game modes I believe.

My K/D on the leaderboard is 7 because of private matches but should be less then one for online pvp. So it is like Gauntlet said above me.

Oh ok so I used to only play tdm amd king so that’s why maybe been playing king to get it up lol

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There’s 2 different k/d’s. Ones ranked & the other is a combined of ranked & social.

If you wanna boost your overall just play bots in social. But that’s not really to brag about…

Much more impressive in ranked but the mode I grinded my k/d isn’t available.

But my frie d does not play social he has a high rank in the combined kd