KBM - Rolling out of cover with the cover keybind help

Anyone having the problem where if you have cover and evade as separate keybinds you can still evade out of cover by pressing the cover button? If you are holding A or D and press cover while already in cover you will roll, whereas on a controller you can’t roll out of cover unless you specifically press the roll button (pressing cover while holding left or right won’t do anything).

Why doesn’t it work the same way on both input devices?

It’s very frustrating to be wallbouncing and then because you were slightly angled off-center you roll and get yourself killed.


If im understanding you correctly, then yeah I have it happen a lot. Unintentional rolls out over cover as well as unintentionally hopping over cover.

Its been that way forever for me though so anymore I just factor it into my death count expectations during any given match