Kats Hologram mechanics?

No this is not an argument of whose the better engineer(cause Del clearly takes that)

I was curious if anyone knew how to properly use the damn thing. I know what it does but my issue is telling it where to go can be iffy sometimes. Sounds irrelevant since Baird is almost here but I wanna know.

If I am in cover and use it the thing appears to materialize where Kat is standing. The hologram ends up running into whatever you are taking cover behind. You need to step out of cover to get it to move forward. (Sounds lazy if you ask me but this game was clearly rushed)

Do I need to be aiming at where I want it to go or aiming up high? I’ve had it take 2 steps and stop right in front of me. Other times it ran until it hit something. Anyone know how it operates?

The way I remember the hologram working in Halo Reach and 4 is that it would walk to where you pointed your weapon [reticle] at the time of activation. So maybe it’s the same for the hologram in 5? However it would spawn in front of you in Halo and also not walk through solid objects iirc so if you sent it up to a wall and the point it would walk to is beyond the wall, it’ll keep running into it. If it spawns in the same place as you or behind you in Gears…you may want to not be in cover upon activation, unless TC implements a mechanic where it spawns in front of the obstruction if possible, which I think happens in Halo with it(up for debate as I have no clear memory on this - someone correct me if I’m wrong).