Kat Custom Snub card is still unobtainable for those who were past level 3 when this was updated

I have posted this before, Kats custom snub card is still at level 1 and Its grayed out and my Kat (architect is at level 19) I’m pretty sure anyone else who has kat and was higher than level 3 prior to the update that went out last year still has this issue, will it ever be fixed?

Probably not its a promo character.

@TC_Kilo1062 TC Kilo might be able to fix this for you?

Thanks for the reply, how do I get in contact with TC Kilo?

He should have received the notification when I linked the quote, but now he is @TC_Shauny

There’s been a fair number of issues with some cards not updating/upgrading properly for whatever reason.

Let me try and find out what’s going on!


Thanks for the reply,