Karn and Uzil Sraak voice. TC being lazy again

So they reused the Palace Guard voice for Karn, when they could have used the unreleased voice for Judgement which sounds so much better. Now that some people have been playing as Sraak, TC once again reused the Palace Guard voice. Like wtf… how is it so hard to have a voice for one character? TC… you guys are so damn lazy. Get your s**** together ffs.

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I think it was already brought up. Can’t be ■■■■■ to find the thread though.

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Paying more voice actors = longer development time and higher cost = fewer and more expensive items.
They have to maintain a balance.

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To be fair, Sraak originated from a comic and therefore doesn’t really have a “unique” voice.

Karn is a different story though.


They’re just trying to save money

Exactly. And I personally would rather they save it here, as opposed to a beloved legacy character.

So did Jermad (from the same comic) and they managed to give him unique voice lines.

Sraak didn’t even need a new voice, they could have went the Jermad route and give him unique Theron lines (specifically for Sraak, I mean) and give him a unique voice filter. I would have been satisfied.

Hell, those new voice lines the Kantus have could have been Skorge exclusive, while the Kantus can stick with mostly classic dialogue.


I use CS Jermad solely for his voice and lines

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I thought I read somewhere that Karn’s voice is a placeholder?

If not having Sraak, Palace Guard and Karn with the same voice is a bit much

Where did you read that?

Pretty sure it was on Twitter. I’ll have to try and find it.