Karn (and presumably Sraak) will not have voice line changes

Skorge, however, got some unique lines snuck into his usual Kantus dialogue. This is according to their dev stream.

Side note: the chainsaw flinch to reload bug has not been fixed. They said they’re looking to fix it in the following title update.


Really? Would love if someone sent me a clip of them saying this. Or like highlighted it . That’d be really cool to see if they had.

1:11:11 He starts talking about reusing voice lines.
1:12:25 He mentions Karn

I hope Skorge has his own unique ones.

They should just give Karn his own unique lines but leave Sraak as he is. He had the Palace Guard lines in Gears 4 so there is no major issues there.

But having Sraak, Palace Guard and Karn with the same voice all on one battlefield is a nightmare haha :joy::joy:

Gears 4 was also the same game that had Scions reuse Savage Locust dualogue, but they, as well as the Speaker, got their own voice lines. Sraak deserves better.


Very disappointing but I wasn’t expecting them to change it. Karn and Sraak just feel wasted in that regard imo for that very reason. Finally giving Skorge some sort of unique dialog is fun, though. Took them long enough but appreciated nonetheless.


Honestly, I feel that the Kantus’ new voice lines in Gears 4 and 5 would have been better used as Skorge dialogue, while the Kantus kept mostly their classic voice lines. Eh.