Kaits playing The Clock on Master

I recently got back into grinding cards out on The Clock on Master. I have over 160+ Master runs, and I’ve NEVER send so many impatient players before playing this on Master than I’ve had recently. Kait players are becoming annoying to play with.

I’ve seen one to many just start shooting other players for I don’t know what reasons; others are just flying straight to the safe room, startling everything in its path. Lack a lot of teamwork.

I ran into a Kait that didn’t get the shotgun in the beginning, so I grabbed it for her, and was gonna bring it to her; once I turned around an used tac-com she was already very close to the first safe room. All the enemies came after me and the other player, because she closed the door!

I don’t normally kick, but lately I’ve had to do it more in the last couple days than I’ve ever had since playing this game. What is it about The Clock that has these Kait players going crazy? Has other hosts encountered this?


Must be that time of the month huh?


What times do you normally play clock? I’ll join you and then you’ll only have a 33% chance of people who didn’t run smart.

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I can’t picture this properly, where everyone’s position was. Were they inside 1st Supply room, waiting for you to pick up Gnasher + HB / Markza + 3 Ammo Boxes? If Kait closed the door, which one? The 1st Supply room or the wall door? Either way, Juvies shouldn’t be able to reach you because door would block them. You see why I’m confused?

Most of the Kait players I’ve came across seemed to be Versus / Ranked players with their Master weapon skins, which I hadn’t seen before appear in Escape until this Op 4. Some are trigger happy and take nearly all ammo boxes. Some don’t use their Cloak to wipe the 2nd Act, whether first set of a Elites or the big ending room. When I played Kait, I could clear the entire last area of Elites, leaving 2 Buzzkill Scions in single Ultimate.

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Ok, not sure if this is related but something annoying me lately is people taking way too long in the first act. Lately, I’ve been Clayton or Mac. As Clayton, I don’ t need to pick up anything until the act II Scions drop their buzzkills (or the act I scion drops his buzzkill after the pods). As Mac, I would normally take the snipers, but if there’s a Fahz, I’ll let him do it. If it’s the juvie/reject loadout, it’s possible to clear the first area of juvies/rejects, grab the snipers and shocks from the room, then book it to the safe room, killing a couple juvies or rejects that get in your way. Maybe someone grabs the gnasher in the first ammo room to help with juvies and make our lives easier. The two snipers, two shocks and the players’ ults should be more than sufficient to clear the first ambush of the second act. At that point, there’ll be two heavies, the boomshot and more ammo from the ammo room, and then a few more scions to drop their heavies, so we should be all set. So there’s no need to waste time in the first act, getting sidetracked for dropshot, the GL, or the scion’s salvo. At that point, it’s no longer a speed-run is it? So, not specifically directed at you, but excuse me if I run straight to the safe room. If they go down on a fool’s errand, I let them die. Want me to leave safety and guaranteed card to help you? Not worth the risk of getting wiped. I wasn’t trying to troll, All I wanted was to get it done quickly as possible because it’s the 1000th damn time I’ve done it and I don’t need the scenic route again!

Another area of concern is when someone runs to the door switch at the LZ and hits it while the other two are still cleaning up drones or getting the heavies over the ledges. 50% of the time that ends in a wipe, yet I still keep seeing people doing it! I’ve even seen them do it several times in a row and not learning their lesson!

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When I played my Clayton, if I didn’t have Buzzkill, I would try to have the Salvo Scion taken out, just before Safe room. Then in Act 2, I’d carry the Salvo to near Elites, drop Salvo and dive into the middle of enemies, shooting around for attention in Reflect Shredder Ultimate. When Ultimate ends, I’d pick up Salvo with Concussive Rounds and kill the remaining Elites.

I think this depends really. I know when I play, I’m effective and efficient at whatever I do, whichever character I play.

If someone is playing JD or Keegan with high bleed and Custom GL, then I’d say it’s worth it, but in a certain way.

In the 2nd Act, there is a circular rounded cover, just before Elites / Rejects. If JD / Keegan takes cover on that, he can shoot rocket at enemies, on the left and right side.

So it can quickly bleed out 5~ Elites / Scions within seconds.

Then after collecting more GL rockets / Frags / Boomshot + Ammo Boxes, it would be a power trip for Keegan / JD.

For Keegan with Level 6 Shredder, 1 active GL would one shot a Scion on Master.

And by the end when getting outside, the venom will not be close because team went too fast and far ahead of venom.

When I play with a group of friends, we help each other get Salvo from Salvo Scion in Act 1 and GL / Frags if someone is playing JD / Keegan / Clayton.

If someone wants them in a random group, I would say to help them and see if they were effective with them.

I don’t really appreciate no help from team mates when trying to get GL / Frags or Salvo and they don’t help at all.

When they do help get them, and it turned out the user was very effective, then it’s all worth it.

I am not sure about Paduk with 60% bleed and Sarah with Modified Frags blast radius and damage, but they could make use of GL / Frags and be effective.

This is the most annoying thing a random could possibly do. If I was hosting, it would follow with a warning or swift kick. The characters I was levelling, don’t have the potential to save the run at ending, whether I do or don’t get outside. We need to have Shock plants or at least control the ending spawn. And like you said, it mostly resulted in wipe. Unless it was a Lizzie in Silverback or Cole that rushed switch.

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Just sounds to me like they are speed running the first act. It’s really easy to run past the enemies if they are juvies/rejects. If that’s the case,

I imagine you would be seeing it with more than just Kait players though, so maybe you’ve just had more memorable interactions with the Kait’s?


Lots of lobbies now that say speed running on the clock.


lol @SeeLogisticz when I played with you the other night and I pointed out the shotgun to the Kait who I didn’t know was your friend and new to Escape.

Also to your topic, I’ve seen some really stupid behavior lately on The Clock including a couple times with people that post on here. I won’t name names.

My intention when running The Clock on Master is to complete it every time. I’d prefer taking a bit more time in the first act and ensuring every character has an appropriate weapon for the second act, so the team can just waltz through everything.


Since it’s an xp/cards run just like The Surge on Insane and The Descent on Master, it’s going to attract a lot of people who aren’t normal Escape players who are just looking to level characters for use in Horde.

That’s my theory at least.


I usually play The Surge when I farm for XP or cards since it is a lot faster.

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I play Kait and I struggle to get the heavies over the walls in the final room on Clock. Is it bugged for female characters?

I tend to use my cloak on that last room before the ledges to clean out the drones, then put a few Overkill shots into the last Scions. Countless times, I am still doing that while some wally pulls the lever and starts the final attack.

Female character models are slightly shorter in PVE. The trick is have someone else standing on the other side of the cover holding down the X button/grab button so they can grab the weapon before it falls back down.


Thanks for the tip. This seems an unacceptable difference to have. And not for equal rights reasons!

If you’re playing with randoms, good luck explaining to them how to do this or hoping that they are actually willing to help you do this lol.

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I can throw heavy weapons over ledges with all female characters just fine… well, except Lahni but she’s tiny.

And I think it’s fine if they have different character heights in PvE. PvP, maybe not so much.

I ran that with u today, the fahz we had wasnt the smartest, u see me ask him to grab gnasher n ammo for me. He then needs to be told to drop the gnasher, i drop the gnasher every ammo room but he didnt pick it up so we both get ammo

At the 2nd ammo room (dont think u saw) he grabbed the embar n 2 boxs the left, i took longshot and 2 boxes then dropped longshot for u incase u wanted a gun. He then dropped markza n took longshot.

I met someone who didnt know how to drop guns, had a cole flash the rejects before fahz could snipe the scions at 1 point. u get a lot of uneducated ppl playing escape.

I tend to just sit back a bit cause u can usually tell quite early if u got ppl with brains in ur squad.

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Lizzie appears to be just as tall as most characters while Kait, Lahni and Sarah are shorter.

I hardly play Lizzie so I’ll have to take your word for it. COG Gear Casan is also shorter if I remember correctly

The other dumb thing is only one person should loot rooms (usually the characters who rely on secondary weapons. Mac,Kat, Sarah Connor and Paduk are good calls) every time kaits grab everything super fast and you’re shorter on ammo then necessary and rely too much on just kait.