Kait's "Overkill Stock" card

Kait’s Overkill Stock card is great! Many probably already know this, but this card reduces recoil and “bloom.”

Reducing bloom, tightens the bullet spread and makes it more effective at range. I had a friend ask whether I preferred the gnasher or the overkill, and I said the overkill because the range seemed much better. I didn’t realize until after the conversation that it was largely due to the Overkill Stock card I had been using for Kait.

This increased effective range makes it much easier to put bleed on enemies from a safe distance.

Just wanted to mention the usefulness of this skill card for those who haven’t tried it yet.


This thread is to helpful, where is the hate? Closing for lack of whining.

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I agree. I got a bit fed up of everyone playing jd and spamming those rockets. I like playing as kate cos she is devastating with the overkill.

To be fair, the Overkill in and on itself already has decent accuracy without any skills added to it if you know how to handle the weapon. But I’m sure this is useful information for those using the skill.

It’s a good card but not an essential one as the Overkill isn’t that inaccurate without it.

It’s one of about three cards that I seem to rotate between trying to find that ‘must have’ 5th card for Kait.

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