Kaits dad is the lead character of Tactics

Along with Kantus scientist Ukkon, Gabe Diaz (Kaits dad) is the lead. PC only at launch.


Put him in gow5 he looks badass

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I just realised this means we will see young Oscar :joy: that’s what we all want.


Young luchador Oscar skin confirmed? With abs?!?!?! :heart_eyes:


Cog era oscar


The sight on the lancer looks futuristic for being in the passed

Does this mean we’ll finally get some light shed on this up to this point not very known character? We barely know anything about this guy.

I thought Oscar was Kait’s dad???

He is her uncle.

Does that lancer have a drum magazine?? Damn.

What a noob. He’s obviously afraid of playing Gears the way it was meant to be played with the Gnasher.

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That’s what I thought. ■■■■ looks ba

Who put Guts w a beard in Gears?


U mean when the armies were fighting a war and not fighting complete deloslation of the enitre race

he has the same looks as " Los tigres del norte " singer man . ( the one on the far right)


My friend , you right man , he looks bad ■■■ !! he should be on 5 right now!!!

he is an uncle of Kait man I believe.

…Still not as cool as Delivery Driver Mac.


the haircut man makes him very bad ■■■ don you agree ?

I mean Delivery Driver Mac doesnt have that haircut !! :smile:

a the first oportunity BIG MAC appears on the store as DDM ill buy it right away !!!

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I agree that he does have awesome hair. However, Mac has awesome hearwear.

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