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Kait-specific butt physics

Just hope I can get both of her skins in this Tour before it ends. Would hate to not have them, since both Desert and Winter Kait look pretty good. But why is it that two skins for the main character of this, and presumably the next, game are the ones that seem to require no-lifeing Gears 5 the most?

Desert Kait being at Major General II :sob: I don’t really like chasing stars in modes I don’t like, so Desert Kait I’m not sure about. I’ll definitely be able to earn the Winter outfit though, that just requires you to shoot stuff. I have Ice Kait already thanks to the Xbox One X; and granted, it’s got the white armor and it’s got the pants, but the shades look too swaggy for me…

I don’t think they’d change much about Kait’s character model. Except, perhaps, for when she gets older. But I don’t think we should really expect many differences in that regard between her 5 model and however she may look in 6. The worst thing they could do to her is turn her Swarm and mutate her like they did Reyna who is now an abomination, which I’m pretty sure they won’t do as part of how Kait rejects her Locust heritage and is willing to stop them and what was once her mother,

I could have Ice Kait myself(got the controller which does look pretty nice). But while I don’t really know about the goggles it’s the strange ice effect and the omen plastered all over her front I’m not really a fan of.

Honestly, all I’m not able to do for medals are the Ranked ones and Swarm wins. Not only because I can’t stand Gears Versus(ontop of being a mostly PvE player), but also because I really don’t like playing as Swarm or Locust. The rest is either Horde, Escape or Coop Versus all of which I’m fine with doing. Just hoping to get as much done as I can before school starts again so I don’t have to worry about not having as much time to play anymore. I think I can get Desert Kait within the time that’s left(must’ve gotten something like over 70 stars by now, already got 11 or 12 medals done in various categories - summer holidays left me with a lot of spare time and not much else to do so I used it for Gears 5 and mostly Escape grinding). Would hate to miss it. Only downside I’m seeing is that unless I just keep leaving matches whenever someone has already picked Kait, I wouldn’t get to play as her whenever I wanted to(which is like, pretty much all the time) and use these skins I worked so hard for. As much as that can apply to a video game, that is.


Well, Myrrah didn’t start out looking too spiffy herself in Gears 2. So who knows, maybe Reyna will become cute after she… evolves to the next stage? Idk, I’m not sure what exactly happened with Myrrah either. I was hoping for something more dramatic myself for Kait though, like she actually starts turning swarm and then you have to make some crazy choices or something. I thought the whole “Kait gets in a machine and is suddenly okey-doke” was sort of ham-handed.

As for me, I mostly like Ranked PvP, so I’m the complete opposite except that I also like PvE modes :grinning: I feel what you’re saying about Horde, I’ve been having a lot more luck playing custom matches and getting to use her because it’s easier than going through the rigmaroll of public matches. I really hope they will adjust some things to make it easier for people to play who they want, though.

Well, she wasn’t really ok after getting in that machine. Killing the Matriarch was what ended the connection to the Swarm hivemind.

And how would you even do anything about Kait starting to turn? Unless the COG has some fancy genetic tech that can reverse certain processes or there’s something out there that can stop it and even reverse the effects, I don’t see how you’d stop an infection that was turning Kait Swarm. Or whatever would result from that. Besides, I get the impression she would rather die than allow herself to be turned to them.

And I feel it’d be a bit cheap to make her go through even more after what she’s already been through and leave her fate hanging in the clouds or kill her when she survived 5 and is determined to kill the Queen and wipe the Swarm off the surface of Sera(or at least try). Just leave her be after she’s done with the Queen and her revenge on the Swarm for all the losses they inflicted on her, and others. At least, until something else shows up. Unless we play as her children or someone else entirely if anything comes after Gears 6.


I’m honestly not sure how you’d handle it, it just seemed like more was needed to me. The fact she would rather die than let herself turn swarm isn’t really special to Kait, that would apply to any of the Gears, which it what makes it all the more interesting that, like JD says, “maybe it’s not her choice”. So it felt to me like they hyped up the whole “bound by blood”, “not her choice” thing and then it was like oh, but actually she can just kill it lol.

So yah, it felt more cheap to me that it was resolved that easily (from a narrative perspective… obviously killing a Matriarch wouldn’t be easy). However, I wouldn’t say I’m totally dissatisfied, because the story’s not over, so more can be done. And as things stand, there’s the likelihood of playing off the fact that her mom is the full-blown Queen now. She may say she doesn’t see her mother in there, but she definitely does; family is important to her like it is to Marcus, and Marcus lost everyone (he REALLY lost everyone depending on the ending you choose in 5…) I think that will be a big theme of 6.

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You might say she still sees her mother in that thing… but unless something of the original Reyna remains, there’s nothing left to be recovered. And even if there was, Reyna would be trapped in a horrificly mutated body with those tentacles hanging off of it, those red Swarm things out of the shoulders, Imulsion crystals on where the Locust-like skin could be seen on her in 4. Kait saw what she had become even before actually meeting her, or it, in person in New Ephyra, even said herself what she saw wasn’t really her mother anymore. It’s just something twisted, changed. Not the same anymore. You could hear her even try to communicating with Kait during the fight against the Matriarch by calling her out with what Reyna used to call Kait, “Kaitie”. But the voice wasn’t the same. Distorted. We don’t even know for sure what the consciousness inside Reyna’s body is now. All that’s certain is that it, she, whatever, has all of Reyna’s memories. But seems to have no issue whatsoever of potentially harming, if not killing, Kait, or put her through even more loss.

And family was already somewhat part of 5s story. It is why Kait went out searching in the first place. But while she went out for personal reasons, it seems she has a greater role to play in the general scheme of things. Besides, she was losing control over this hivemind connection. To the point where she was forced to witness as she got into control of a Warden, perhaps forced by whatever remained of Myrrah’s mind, that ended up killing Oscar. So the connection is gone for the better now that the Matriarch is dead.

But if you’re saying she will have to grapple with the fact that what was once her mother, or at least her body, is now leading the Swarm, then I agree. That would be hard to get over for anyone. But Reyna wouldn’t have killed JD/Del(I saved Del, but the choice wasn’t easy, even if JD was not portrayed in a very positive light until Act 3 where he tried making things better) or almost strangled her to death. Not to mention there’s going to be more than just herself who has to realize this, process what happened. Marcus and Del will likely be at her side, if not Baird, Cole and Sam too. At least, those are the ones I’m certain Kait has gotten to know better over time in the COG. Don’t know about Clayton or other characters like Lizzie, since their screen time was fairly limited and only in scenes where there wasn’t really going to be much exploration of character relations. I’m sure TC will show that conflict within her but she’s likely going to realize that there’s no bringing her mother back eventually. The inly way I could possibly see any kind of chance for Kait to even start turning was if “Queen Reyna” infected her with something before she died instead of leaving Kait be. Which would then either leave Kait’s fate in the clouds or for us to find something to stop it and reverse its effects if it has done anything to Kait’s body. Unless it was something that was only going to kill Kait and nothing else.

This reminds me when people use to make threads in the epic games forums about Sofia’s bum from Gears Judgment.

I would pay some Iron for improved 'Butt Physics" for everyone. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I want Dummy Thicc Marcus with a bounce that sinks more cities than the rift-worm it’s self

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Make this happen TC. That’s way better than 600 scrap.

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Well there needs to be something compelling about Kait.

This reminds me of the Ada missions in RE6, there was only one reason people completed those missions.

It’s a bit of an extension of the topic, but I find it a little inconsistent how there is so much pushback on designers doing anything that sexualizes female characters, when in almost all games the male characters are given lean, heavily muscled upper bodies. Double standards?

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3k Legendary card right there


Oh god, not another one of these threads. We’ve already had one about Kaits boobs simply being visible, it’s like some people enjoy picking fights and starting up gender wars arguments. We’re the same damn species, we’re meant to be united with each other, not the opposite.

I hope this thread gets buried.

Gender wars ? ‘,’ theres a war on gender? :rofl: my rock i’ve been buried under is so warm. I must search this

Um, there hasn’t been a single shred of hostility in this thread whatsover? About gender or anything else? Some derision, yes, but all good natured. No one’s looking to pick a fight, least of all me, I was just making an observation. I have no idea why you’re so defensive to the point of actually inviting conflict. If you can really see evidence of a ‘gender war’ in this thread then you need to get your head examined. Being a belligerent moron isn’t gender specific and you’re the only one exhibiting that behaviour here.

If you’re going to try and force some misinformed, militant faux egalitarianism into the thread at least have a reason for doing so and give some evidence. There’s no misogyny here, only misandry on your part. Why is that? Fine, whatever, you’re sensitive about gender discussions and expect hostility, but there’s none here, so stop inviting it.The thread hasn’t been locked yet, and if it is, it will only be because you came in here seeking conflict when literally no one else has. That’s quite ironic don’t you think, given what you say in your post?

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Boi’s succ


Evidence :smiling_imp:

But really. Gender wars ? I honestly did not know such thing existed

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Honestly though I was to busy looking 4 jack upgrades than looking at butts, Never noticed

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Right? It was honestly just an observation. My posts aren’t sexualised in any way.

The other person needs to pick another hill to die on, rather than crying gender war at even the slightest mention of gender. It’s ironic they want unity when they’re literally the only person being divisive.

I mean you spend 100 % of your time looking at someonea back you are bound to notice. It’s not a crime to look at a fictional fake pixelated butt. XD

Getting triggered from that is silly. I guess girls looking at Marcus’s butt is a crime too ‘-’ then i’m guilty for like 3 games already

If people are visual pleased by a beautiful or handsome character it just means you made a nice looking character.

People like nice looking beautiful things. Gender stuff is all one sided anyway. Men do this they pigs. I do this, its fine. Worlds dumb. But back to gears

As long as she blows into peaces when hit with a Gnasher it’s all the same to me :rofl:

Everything jiggles when it’s in peaces o-o