Kait-specific butt physics

Hear me out. Look at the detail on Kait’s butt when she walks at normal pace. Before you call me creepy, none of the male characters have that level of detail, or Lahni or Sarah Connor. It’s also only there when she’s holding certain guns - you can see it when she’s holding a lancer or gnasher, but not a pistol, grenade or heavy weapon. There was no such detail in Gears 4 so I can’t help but think a dev actually implemented it on purpose, since it’s only on Kait


This is one of those things where you think it and keep it to yourself. Good luck on keeping this thread open. If it ain’t the female players calling you out on your sexism its going to be people letting you know how creepy you are. Why would you do this?

The same thing happened when GOW 4 came out and there were threads about Anya and Kate’s breast movement. The OP even had a video of him moving up and down in cover. Or was that you? :thinking:


hahahah If you want serious and ridiculous breast movement, check out ninja Gaiden Sigma on PS. Those things on Rachel defy physics lmao


It’s the reason why Del is such a wuss at times in the story dialogue. He wants it, he wants it bad.

But they had to do something I guess to make Ms. Two Tone Pants appealing in some form.


How and where did you come up with this?

@OP the reason you’re not seeing this on any other female character is, first of all, that they never lower their weapon in Horde or Escape(if you compare them you’ll find the way Kait walks with her weapon raised, if it’s not a pistol, grenade or heavy weapon, will be the same as other female characters), and secondly, this “hip movement”, if I can call it that, was also on Kait and at least also Reyna, in the Gears 4 Campaign. The only difference then was that Gears 4 character models held the pistol differently(with one hand unless aiming), and that Kait pretty much covered all of her back up.

Kait’s pants are two-tone at various points throughout the campaign.

Going at walking pace with all female characters in Horde, Kait is the only one where this happens. I’m not talking about aiming either - I mean just walking, where the effect is obvious with a lancer or gnasher and not present with a pistol. The characters all walk in the same way, male and female, and hold their weapons in the same way, but only Kait has this detail.

As for ‘hip movement’, why don’t the guy characters have this happen too, or the other females? They also have butts.

I also hope this thread distracts from all the negativity going around and that everyone goes and does testing for science


The female characters in 4 only have this in the Campaign. Not in any other modes. They walk slightly differently, hold their weapons differently and stand more upright than the weird bent over stance the male characters have.

In 5, however, TC have brought this over to PvE modes as well, but you won’t see this movement you’re referring to because they don’t lower their weapon. But I’m not here to argue, so I’ll move on now since I don’t see this going into a different direction. My eyes are still good enough for me to be able to rely on that what they show me is accurate.

He already made a thread like this and it was locked and so he made another one lol…he’s gonna end up getting banned

As ColdUmbrella587 already pointed out, her pants are two tone colored at various points in the campaign. The winter environment is where you can clearly see this topic have “relevance” LOL

But if you want to compare female models, go back to GOW4 multiplayer and rotate the models. Especially Myrrah. You will be surprised HAHA . This has been a running joke for a while now with the folks I play with.

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See, now THIS is my kind of thread.

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First time I’ve ever heard the term “butt physics”


Being female and wearing tight pants just kind of has physical realities… I think we can appreciate it without having a thread about it. In fact, please delete this thread before some super-prude dev sees it and patches it out :sweat_smile:


It’s definitely something worth spending iron for


^^^No Kait skins for iron as it stands and Campaign doesn’t even have any additional paid features anyway. Wouldn’t even see this outside of it since characters always keep their weapon raised in Horde and Escape.

Don’t really think I want to or should add to this topic anymore, but here goes anyway… I don’t think this would be here if it wasn’t intentionally put in. Kait already, putting it bluntly(kind of), moved her hips like this in Gears 4 Campaign(and so did Reyna) but hardly anyone seemed to pick up on this. There, you just didn’t really see as much of it because for one, she wasn’t wearing tight pants(though I’ve seen worse than that - like oh I don’t know, the original Gears 3 models for Anya and Sam which, quite frankly, looked way too tight and not remotely appealing, but Kait’s are just about fine… but let’s not go down this path any further) and because she was wearing this skirt thing during all of the Campaign and was player 2 only as opposed to Gears 5 where she doesn’t cover herself up beyond wearing pants anymore, and is the main player character from Act 2 onward. In 5, the animations Kait has would also all be on the female characters in the other PvE modes but seeing as they never lower their weapon there you don’t see these so-called “butt physics” which is really just Kait moving her hips.

@TheWeaponeer I wasn’t referring to the differences in appearances between female character models in 4, just that there, they used the same animations in all modes as the male characters except for Campaign where they have the animations I described in my previous post. Whereas now in Gears 5, female characters use these “female animations” as I’ve come to call them, in all modes but Versus.

All I’m saying is Kait is just naturally attractive, no need to change it, and best not to bring it up so that it stays that way (I’m having MK11 flashbacks) :sweat_smile:


Care to elaborate? Never played any MK games, they’re not really my thing.

And if I’d had my way she wouldn’t be in tight pants now. Turns out I ended up liking it, contrary to my expectations.

They altered existing female character models (classic models that people have loved over the years) and made them ugly. That’s the most straightforward way I can put it. Don’t want to go into the “why”, because it inevitably ends up with people becoming irrationally angry, but that is what happened and everyone noticed.

Also lol at your expectations, you set the bar too low my friend :rofl:


Nah, just not into tight pants much. Turns out Kait’s are pretty much in a perfect spot for me. Not too tight to make me think it’s no longer appealing like the horrid original Gears 3 models for Anya and Sam.

I actually liked the Gears 3 models for Sam and Anya, I thought they were slick costumes. I prefer Kait’s get-up in 5 for sure though (especially the winter outfit!)


What a random thread :joy: