Kait is insane in Escape!

Just finished a Master run on Malfunction, and my God is this chick a beast. The cloak ability is fantastic with level 5 cards as expected, but the Gnasher damage card and her Overkill bleed potential is what really makes her shine. We ran with Keegan (level 6 Shredder and Explosive Resupply are laughably destructive), Kait, and Mac. Mac and Kait are a lethal combo btw, Mac laying down bleed from distance and Kait pumping out shotgun damage at the same time is just nasty. I love the power trip she gives you. Please TC, don’t nerf anything. Things are in a good place now and I’m having fun with the game again after being ready to abandon it if OP4 was a bust.

Yep, I ran with a Kait that did so much damage she got her Cloak 3 times in the first act.

TC now have a decent balance of characters in Escape and Horde, characters have their weaknesses and strengths but they are on more of an equal footing.

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Are you using Reaper and/or Enhanced Stim for escape? Having to get close with Kait puts her at risk with no extra health. There’ve been a few situations already where I thought if I had had stim, I might’ve gotten our team out of some bad situations. I never played much horde, but out of all the Horde characters, I have Kait the highest at 15 and from my understanding, most people were going with Shotgun speedloaders, Custom Gnasher, Cloak Batteries/Overkill card, Laceration, Blood Resonance, and opting out of her stim ability. But on a map, like say the Malfunction, there’s tons of rejects to execute and build stim, and the stim gotten from them would be helpful when facing Salvo enemies that insta-kill you. I thought just being able to tank one salvo could make a difference.

I used Kait on a couple of master runs today.

I found that Reaper wasn’t really helping me in the grand scheme of things. The damage is that high on Master that as soon as I was getting shot I was losing my stim. I could use enhanced stim, but that card is only at a level 2 atm so it wouldn’t help much. I imagine that those two cards together will work really well, you could even go all the way and use Stim Batteries, when levelled up.

In the end I went for Cloak Batteries over Reaper, I’d rather kill a few more pesky Peacekeepers and help the whole team rather than giving myself a bit of stim. It may be more of a hive on hive basis with Kait as to the cards I use.

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Guess you haven’t seen Fahz in Malfunction yet. Even with Lv1-2 cards you can carry the hive and oneshot Sentinels/Guardians.

Lol no