Kait/Infiltrator 2.0

Little Recap for y’all after tryin out that “new” Inf. again…

It use to apply Bleed to Wardens no matter where you hit em
It use to apply Bleed to Matriachs no matter where you hit her
It use to doesn’t matter how many pellets hit for max. bleeding Damage.
It use to up-ult. duration by Meatshielding
It use to 1 Shot kill Swarmaks
It use to have bleed damage that actually worked. (right now it does not work at all) thanks for that that’s so cool man. i love taking of 90% Health of an Enemy and watch them bleed for 268 per tick (great job there)
It use to get a decent amount of cooldown when using a Overkill while cloaked.

BUT THANK god that passive got fixed it was sooooo Gamebreaking man.


But after all this… nerfs “fixes”… it STILL remains TOP tier, ain’t that something?

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The random low bleed thing is annoying but it happens very rarely to me.

Despite all those things happening to the class it is still one of the best in the game. I dont see how people can say that the class is bad.


Some of those things are positive though, like bleeds to warden’s and matriarchs.
Ik it’s a nerf but you are supposed to aim for the head and spine area after all to actually do damage.

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That was changed a very long time ago so I wasn’t too bothered by it. I havent been bother by any of the changes because I know the class will still be good despite it being changed almost every update.

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lucky you it happens to me all the f**** time

still - like i said - a Top tier Class

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My two issues with the Infiltrator are (1) occasional bug occurs regarding the bleeding, where sometimes it is absolutely tiny. Unclear why this happens; and (2) the bleed range of Laceration is NOT 5 metres as described on the card. I’ve done a fair bit of testing on this and I estimate it to be around 2.5 metres.

I just used Kait like 5mins ago aginast some flock and that Cloak 10 times dmg nerf is very noticeable. Outside of that I’d say its still pretty solid in the right hands.

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Kait in JD’s hands!?

It’s a good class, still ridiculously powerful when used by a player bestowed with the mighty gift of common sense.

Hmm…I guess that’s not too common then.

How do I down vote this comment?

I do love playing as Kait/Infiltrator and it is my most played class. I don’t think I have run into the low bleed tick damage bug.

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I guess some people just have nothing to contribute but think they’re extremely funny? :wink:

Definitely needs more bleed range. Or the netcode/server need to be better.

Yeah you can definitely see the difference but you still get cooldown. Kait is still a boss killer, it just takes more time now lol

I love being funny! :innocent: