Kait Horde Blood Drain skill- how is this useful?

Blood Drain: Killing bleeding enemies extends Cloak by 1.7 seconds

Typically the smaller foot soliders which you can execute would die out rather quickly if they were bleeding. Especially by time you have this skill unlocked at level 16.

Suppose there are 5-6 foot soldiers in an area with full health. I can cloak and attempt to execute all of them.

Under the same scenario, if I wanted to take advantage of the card, I’d have to deal damage to each to induce bleed, cloak, and attempt to execute. On lower levels they’d just bleed out before I could execute them. Maybe on Masters the foot soldiers don’t bleed out and I can execute them; but time gained in cloak versus time and effort taken to induce bleed seems to cancel each other out at best .

So how can this skill be useful? Am I missing something?

Bleeds from other players will work too, team work. You piggy backing an ally to wipe the enemies they shoot or stab so that one their attention is deflected and 2 they are bleeding .

This card is basically useless, except for 1 odd chance where you would get super lucky and everything lines in place for you.

There is no need to really have Cloak time increased. Cloak is only useful for the 3 following things

  1. Clutch revives to avoid wiping out
  2. Escaping death (in some scenarios)
  3. Taking out Snipers and Drones with Claws that are at a distance
  4. Sneaking out of the base and ambush a few enemies from behind with a Gnasher - most time enemies don’t notice you sneaking up behind them for easy kills

forget about her Legendary Card, theres way more useful cards for Kait.

I agree. The card is just too specific to be of any practical use. If they changed it to “executing enemies while cloaked extends cloak by 1.7 seconds” then it would be way more useful. You could chain your executions and take out a room full of drones. Or maybe they can replace the card with the Rage card from gears4. I miss that card.

This card is trash, nearly as bad as the sniper freeze synergy. As stated aboved, it should simply be ‘executions extend/recharge cloak by X’.