Kait. Gnasher or Overkill

Does anyone have a preferred choice over the 2? Do we actually know the pros and cons over the 2 shotguns? I ask in Kaits case because she seems to get perks for either one, sometimes both.

Gnasher appears to have higher damage per shot but only 6 per clip. And less accurate for mid-range shots than the Overkill providing you know how to handle the weapon. That being said, the Overkill does have somewhat lower damage per shot but the range difference is worth it in my view.

But Kait gets perks for each one. Less recoil for overkill and one is more dmg for gnasher. I think reload speed is for both. With the bleeding and laceration perks I wonder if one is superior to the other.

Gnasher seems to have the dmg per shot but overkill has range and is faster. When you compare the rate of fire with bleeding maybe overkill comes out on top?

Does Gnasher have more stopping power?

I don’t know about stopping power much. Haven’t noticed a lot of difference between the two, partially out of lack of paying attention to it. But I don’t find the Overkill recoil skill to be necessary or useful as it doesn’t really have that much unless you just fire as quickly as you can pull and release the trigger. Which outside of point blank range, you shouldn’t do. And don’t do it against Wardens to hit their head more reliably. As for Gnasher damage, I’d just recommend using Blood Resonance instead and using a different skill in place of Gnasher Damage.

Can’t speak for skill cards and/or perks, but the overkill as a weapon itself is vastly superior in many situations to gnasher UNLESS in gib range. That’s because you cannot one shot kill with overkill. This also is assuming you know how to use it. There’s more to it than just pulling the trigger like other weapons.

It took me a while before I realized pulling the trigger fired a shot and releasing fired a shot. The quicker you do that, the wider the spread. The slower you do it, the tighter the spread.

At medium range (even lancer range in a lot of cases) it’s quite competent. Pull trigger, wait a fraction of a second, release trigger…that’ll give a tighter spread, therefore more damage. A gnasher will not come close to that. The overkill suits its name very well.

Bleeding and Laceration works for both the Overkill and Gnasher.

Both guns can’t be compared. One is for longer range, and the other one is for close combat. Since Overkill has more ranger, it does less damage than Gnasher.

It’s very simple, take cover and fire away with Overkill, and switch to your Gnasher if enemies sneak up on you, for one shot kills

just carry both.

This - but the Overkill is much more useful. The range is insane. I use all my OK and swap to a fully loaded one from the weapons locker. I only use the Gnasher in situations where running back to the locker isn’t convenient.

i request a lvl. 3 locker, keep a gnasher and an overkill on it. then between each wave i switch them out. keeps from spending for a lvl. 4. use that money and put a point in each of my perk trees.

I’ve done a Master and two Inconceivable runs. In short, it may be better to select Overkill over Gnasher, because of how Shotgun Bleed Cards function. They improve the subsequent shots of your shotguns, not the initial one.

This doesn’t benefit the Gnasher too much as it is very reliant on its one-shot potential, which is also reduced on Wave 30+ where enemies become a brick, If the Gnasher fails to kill or even stagger an infantry on its first shot, then you may not live to fire the next; enemies don’t pull punches on higher waves and difficulties and the Gnasher’s slow rate-of-fire isn’t reactive enough to make up for its mistake. The Gnasher also doesn’t deal critical damage upon a critical hit; meaning that each shot will always deal 3000 on normal and 3750 on active, so magic won’t happen when you are in a pinch.

On the other hand, the Overkill is meant for rapid-fire, meaning that with Shotgun Bleed Cards, it can dole out boosted output faster than the Gnasher. Everyone here also pointed out that the Overkill also has more reach, and this can be greatly improved with Overkill Stock, an easy-to-obtain Green Card. Successive headshots become quite doable with the Card, and this is quite important for the Overkill since its headshots do twice the normal 900 / active 1125 damage. Its rapid-fire and flexible reach mean that it feels more consistent than the Gnasher.
Two biggest downfalls of the Overkill are its mediocre damage-per-shot, and its modest firepower leading to fast ammo consumption. But I believe the Shotgun Bleed cards benefit the Overkill more so this issue can be mostly complemented. And it is more easier to get and stow multiple Overkills, since they can be found from enemies from both factions (Protectors and Elite Grenadiers), while you can only get Gnashers from Grenadiers.

Though If you are running 0 Stim cards, then I suggest getting both Shotguns for the early-mid and late Waves. The Gnasher is unmatched when it’s one-shot power is guaranteed and reliable.

If you are running Stim cards and willing to keep the Retro Lancer throughout the entire match, then I suggest you switch from Gnasher to Overkill when you start to notice the Gnasher isn’t one-shotting anymore.

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It depends on the situation and the boss type. I do tend to carry both just because the retro charge gives me trouble with this new RB system at the moment. That and I prefer the regular Lancer so I swap with a Marcus when I can.
Anywho, the gnasher is great for GIB and the bleed does work well on all enemies. I tend to be in favor of the OVK when on the Matriarch because the quick spread hitting the back makes the bleed more effective, at least from my observation. I’ve timed the bleed and the OVK seems faster. Gnasher works better on Guardians and Sentinels, and the OVK works better on carriers than the Gnash. G and OVK work fairly similar on the remainder of enemies semi heavy and otherwise.
TBH the gasher feels better, but the OVK packs a pretty decent punch. It all depends on your specific playstyle which one you would prefer.

I definitely prefer the overkill. It’s got a longer range and a slightly larger clip size if you hold down the firing button. But yeah, just carry both…

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