Kait cloak glitched?

Two weird things happened while I was playing Kait recently that have never happened before.

  1. A Snatcher “saw” me, no doubt about it. I was in full cloak, never attacked anything, and a Snatcher aimed and hit me with their tail strike. From a decent distance too. I was not near anyone / in a line of fire. It just saw me.

  2. In a separate incident, I was cloaked and got knocked down. While downed but cloaked a drone just wandered over and executed me, while cloaked.

Is the cloak bugged or did the rules change?

I have had this happen before except with a Pouncer. Either TC forgot to account for the idea of getting downed while cloaked, or it’s yet another dumb bug.

For the other thing I have no explanation.


Yesterday, was cloaked, somehow got knocked down, snatcher wandered over and while still invisible - ate me.

Okay this does sound like a glitch, or TC stealth nerfed Kait.

It is possible that before you cloaked, an elite unit marked you for the snatcher to attack you. The AIs in horde CAN mark you if you are either the closest target to them or have proven to be a bigger threat then any of the other players. Kait’s cloaking ability does have some bugs and I can confirm that this is one of them as I have cloaked in front of the enemies before and they still attacked me and other times I cloaked in cover and had none attacked me.

The execution thing is also a bug. When kait gets down while invisible, the scripting of getting down overwrites the invisibility script for the AIs, rendering as if your ability ran out the moment you get down and making you a target again.

Sounds like you were marinated in cloak juice. :smiley:

I’ve noticed multiple issues with Kaits’ cloak.

The snatcher issue you mention is annoying. I’ve had the snatcher run after me with my cloak on. I’d get somewhat near the snatcher to execute an enemy, and the snatch full-on turns towards me and charges.

The main issue I have with her cloak is the execution bug.

You enable cloak, and you can’t execute people. The prompt shows above their head for you to execute, but you can’t do it. I don’t know if my scheme gets set back to default, therefor making B the wrong execute button.

On top of those issues, I hate when I enable cloak just to have a drone walk behind me and start shooting my teammate through my body, downing me, wasting my entire cloak.

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I’ve run into the “can’t execute” issue as well, now that you mention it. B says I can, but it just won’t let me.

It’s annoying because I otherwise have always loved playing Kait.

Same. Her damage output is insane. She’s really underplayed.

I like that, though. It means I can have a near-constant character to play as :smile:

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Same I love her. She’s the boss hog.