Kait Cloak Card question

I’m not fully aware of the OP 5 changes coming to characters but i’m hoping TC also improves Kait’s cloak card Lvl 6 to like 4 seconds of extended cloak for every execution or something because from 2.5s to 2.6s for 20 gold cards seems like a joke.


In my opinion it is already in a good state and needs neither a nerf nor a buff.

People often don’t know that “meatshield => swap weapon” is the quickest way of execution. If you do this, you can uphold the Ultimate through an entire wave in Horde.


change the rule as the story mode and its solved.

Meatshield = showing yourself to enemy.
But u can shoot or execution all time, but not meatshield

In other words you want a nerf, while OP wants a buff?

As told, neither is necessary. Kait needs no talking about balance, she’s perfect where she’s at right now. There’s plenty of other characters that need discussion in regards of balance.

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You say that, but for no reason at all TC will either buff or nerf her next op for no real reason at all, no matter if she’s truly balanced. So cross your fingers. Other than Marcus, who I want to see nerfed because he kills my gameplay experience at this moment, (and I never ask for nerfs) the route I’d go is just buff characters to the point of being somewhat viable, like Kat and Grace, and just go from there.

Especially Kat. She is absolutely abysmal. And maybe grace is good with her bleed and I just don’t know how to play her effectively.

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Since she pretty much can manage the whole wave by herself as it is, it seems to be fine. If anything it’s more likely to be toned down.

I want the skill to be left as is, because nerfing it will just force people into meatshield “killing” like Marcus is forced to hunt down nearly everything to keep his ult going now instead of letting everybody work with it. It’s already like that in Escape where the ult is so short even with Cloak Batteries at level 6 that if you execute an enemy your entire timer basically goes to waste unless something is conveniently right next to you after the execution finishes, so you have to go around cheesing meatshields which don’t even properly kill but just drop an enemy “dead” when they were walking around prior to meatshielding.

And yes, it needs no further saying I find the whole cloak meatshielding cheap asf because an alive enemy somehow just turns dead because you held an arm around it while it wasn’t even downed prior and then dropped it without snapping the neck. And executions are more “satisfying” to use(plus I tend to use Reaper to get Stim from executed enemies). But I can’t wipe the entire wave with them. So why should that be disadvantaged because of a cheap mechanic that “kills” an enemy that isn’t actually killed proper?

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I actually am more annoyed that Blood Resonance took way way longer to max than Kaits gold card.

She fine where she is damage wise, but can actually see a nerf in the future to the cloak meatshield cheese. Which is funny because Kaits gold card before a rework use to be extremely situational and, overall, useless AF.

TC, why did you have to “fix” (nerf) the shotgun pellet full bleed damage bug? I preferred shooting as Kait than meatshield cheese tbh. Could have just left like that for the fun factor. I mean JD was still king DPS at the time.

Sounds like something trivial that’d you’d have an issue with.

I’m just saying, we shouldn’t base calls for nerfs off of the top end of the line only. I simply want executions in Cloak to remain viable as I prefer to use that over meatshield kills. Which nerfing the Chain skill with meatshield kills in mind for would most likely render far less or possibly no longer viable. Unless you don’t want to kill more than 3-4 Drones every time you use it.

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I’m not saying Kaits skill should be toned down, but if any changes comes her way it’s more likely to be a nerf than a buff. Personally I’m fine with how it is. An increase in cloak time at this moment would make Kait to strong in my opinion. If they somehow manage to remove the “meatshield kill option” though, I’m all for an increase in cloak time.

Grace’s bleed dmg has been removed entirely.

KAT is actually extremely underrated as an engineer. She has stim that regenerates so she can take a boomshot to the face and not go down; and 5 secs later her stim is back.

She also has the +40 % dmg on all fortifications. That’s all - barriers, shock sentries, and turret sentries. You can build a wall of sentries that melts almost anything that comes near it, and they get stuck in your extra damage barriers and die even faster.

Her ultimate isn’t that good but it does come in handy when you’re getting chased or overwhelmed.

Kaits fine in my opinion and I would ask that TC not buff her because after Marcus’s horribly unessacary buff I just don’t trust them to do it. While the meatshield approach is the safest and easiest way to exxtend her ult there is also the getting right behind an enemy and slicing their throat. Its quick and may not be as easy but if you can pull it off it can be just as effective as the meatshield method for extending her cloak.

Having said there is an issue I have noticed when she executes while cloaked. I noticed sometimes I am not getting the extension after an execution. Its incredibly annoying and would love for it to be fixed but Ill cope if they don’t lol.

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I have trouble believing you. I really want to trust you but I just don’t think she’s any good. No overclock is a big thing for me. And I don’t like building sentries at all, so those cards are not for me.

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I don’t know why TC stated the level 6 buffs would all be “significant”, and then gives us stuff like .1 buffs after acquiring 20 gold cards. Not even kind of worth the effort. Why bother making statements like that, that you know are false?

That being said, Kait needs no further buffing. I have a high level Kait and even if I’m playing in a public lobby with random people, I can usually get through any horde scenario based on her strengths alone, even if everyone else is low level. I believe she is the toughest horde character in the game, if played properly.


Is there a way of counteracting the animation of pulling the enemy towards you?

When I make them a meat shield, I can’t instantly swap my weapon. I have to wait until the enemy is right-close to my body before I can throw them.

As far as I know there isn’t unless it gets shot or blown up before you drop it. But even so you get more than enough time to run Cloak all wave long with meatshielding.

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I have a maxed out Kait and I do think she’s the best character in Horde. Her cloak extend card and chain kill card means she can execute like 20+ drones in a row and still be cloaked afterwards for a few seconds.

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