Kait animation in Horde

It’s a minor problem compared to store prices, etc. but still.
What is wrong with Kait walking animation in Horde? In Versus she has normal/classic animation, but not here.
Can we change that?

It’s not an issue, it’s intentional, it’s the same with the campaign and other female characters in Horde/Escape.

Ok, but why keep it as it is in Versus and different in other modes in the first place? What is wrong with usual walk animation?New one has this strange shoulder bouncing and it’s driving me crazy.

Balance of animations in Versus. Keeping different animations for only one skin is maybe an advantage or a disadvantage against other players.

So you actually have an issue with the female characters having a more natural and realistic walking animation? The Gears people really are a strange lot(and before anyone wants to get at me for this, it’s not an insult).

I prefer this “new” animation(which was also in Gears 4 but only Campaign) way more, though.

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No, I specifically mentioned the flaw in the new animation that makes it look less realistic (I know that classic is even further from that). Just look at the elbow and shoulder. Like…is she ok? It looks like spasm to me.

Never had an issue with it personally. And I still think it looks better than what I call the “turtle-back” stance and walking the ‘classic’ animation has.

Also, you might’ve noticed TC playing with different animations a bit if you played the Campaign as well. Generally, Swarm in PvE seem to use a new running animation even when in combat, however the player characters in Campaign also seem to use this new running animation but only outside of combat. So it’s not in Horde (and Escape) which use the Gears 4 roadie(more or less) as your character always keeps their weapon raised.

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Yes, I noticed that too.
Personally, I like that bulky old-style myself, but as an option here, I found the animation in the campaign the best out of them all. The one that used when outside the combat (for both male and female characters). This one is perfect, IMO. I just not sure if we talking about the same thing or not.

I was referring to the roadie animation, it’s different in Gears 5 for Swarm in PvE(excluding Scions and non-humanoid creatures), and for at least the player character in Campaign when out of combat.

And Kait does also have a different walking animation from male characters when doing the “slow walk” as well in Campaign when you’re not in combat. If you haven’t noticed it. But that was already in Gears 4 Campaign as well. The above mentioned roadie animation is only in 5.

Nope, a post I’m actually going to have to disagree with for once. I like the new back straight/feminine jog.