Do I really have to watch ELEAGUE Invitational to unlock a character? also I have not and is there another way?
Not that I’ll use her but still,…

  1. Yes, you do have to watch that stream to get the character and no, there is likely not going to be another way of obtaining it.

  2. You can’t have not watched the invitiational tournament because it takes place in July, unless you come from the future. It’s as simple as keeping a tab open and leaving the device running for an hour with the profile you want the skin on logged into the stream tab. You can do something else in the meantime. I don’t want the skin either and simply am doing the challenge for having completed all the challenges for carryover content in Gears 5. I would have taken a Gilded Del over this thing any day of the week, though.

  1. That’s a shame and rather a sad way to recruit views ,a little tricky really.

  2. I am indeed sending this from the future but that’s okay I can come back o your time to get the meta character in a hoodie. I mean if you have a time machine and don’t use it, whats the point?!!

2 a. I agree its pointless and Del would have been great and he should be remembered. I would like Some Carmine action, I only ever use Benjamin, so a gilded version would be great.

Cheers for the help though slightly sarcastic ;;:wink:

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What would the world be if you couldn’t have a little fun from time to time?

Although I’m not sure what you mean by meta character. I might be mistaken but Kait isn’t that popular… at least it doesn’t seem that way.

Meta as Gears sports or what ever is on her hoodie isn’t present in Gears Lore so its from our universe not theirs.

She isn’t, that popular and I can see why but I like here and her family’s story arch. Hoping the Campaign really gives us a good look into a little more.

True true true my Gears friend and it did make me smile:::slight_smile:

We will almost certainly learn more about that, and perhaps her character… and how it affects her moving forward. That is, if they don’t just go the boring and extremely predictable route of turning her into Myrrah 2.0. Which, quite frankly, would just be an unfitting fate for her character and a lame one at that. Partially because it wastes her potential.

The only real issue I have with her is one part of her character model… they made her look great from the front but they just had to stick her into those horrible looking pants that follow the outlines of her back and mess it up.

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I don’t mind the Myrrah aspect if it outlines more of the original Myrrah more then just Kait’s transformation.

I would like to see more development between her and other characters and Del is a great example of how she connects but only a touch, It would be good to see them build on this and not just her connections but others as well.

I like her new customer it looks cool and that goes for all of them.

What I would really like is some decent DLC’s (free with season pass of course), that add more to the lore and expend the characters. Much Like the Raam pack in Three

I don’t know what happened here but I’m going to assume autocorrect kicked in or it was a typo because I can’t really make sense of it. If you’re referring to her look it’s absolutely fine besides for the back view. I don’t really care for them showing not covering that part of her body up anymore but did they really need to make her clothes follow the outlines of her body that precisely? I’m not digging it. Generally because I dislike that type of clothing on women and I don’t see how it would be of any benefit to anyone to wear that kind when you’re a soldier.

And I don’t have a problem with the whole Myrrah thing… only that people seem to think there is no other outcome besides Kait turning. As if there was nobody left in the world for her to care for even though she clearly has formed some sort of closer relationship with Marcus between 4 and 5, and while it may not 100% be the case for JD due to the conflict between them, she does still have other friends within the COG now as well. We don’t know about any Outsiders she may have known who could still be alive by Gears 5. The two survivors of her village, whatever happens to them is likely going to be covered in the Ascendance novel. Oscar… well, people have theorized that it could be him who is the dead guy in the original Gears 5 trailer. But it might also be one of the two survivors of her village.

My point is, there’s very small chances she will actually turn since I don’t see that being the direction TC will take with her(and to be honest, I don’t trust the writers would pull it off well). Maybe more like something on the lines of she would be about to go over to the Swarm but it’s her relation to Marcus that focuses her on the sane/good/uncorrupted parts of her mind that have escaped the Swarm’s influence and makes her go back. I don’t see why they would establish a relation with him to then immediately break it again. Not to mention Del is with her and he’s not really on bad terms with her unlike JD… who has probably sent him along with her precisely to stop her from being turned against her will.

That was my complaint with much of this game. It breaks down that feeling of being on another planet’s society when I am inundated with constant real-world reminders such as rappers playing themselves, country flags emblems, Rockstar energy drink logos, etc. (At least Ice-T played a character. El P and Killer Mike are just being themselves.)

Earth is never mentioned in the Gears Universe (only Sera) and there has never been any mention of space craft other than the Hammer of Dawn in orbit so it stands to reason these particular humans would never know anything about our planet.

The inclusion of THE TERMINATOR in the next game further breaks the divide.

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