Kait a Hivebuster....?

I have just got the new Hivebuster skin for Kait. When is she going to be added to escape? Also when are TC going to release a list of ribbons for gears 5? I’m getting a little bored of playing 5 without some additional incentives. Also one weapon each time you level up? Come on… Really? Pull your fingers out and sort that mess out.


It’s going to be 1 year and TC hasn’t made new content or fixed issues with anything PVE. They are busy making gnasher changes on PVP.

Thanks for the quick reply. We’ll that’s not good at all in fact that’s really crap. Don’t add a character skin unless you can use it in the game it is intended for. Disappointed… Very.

They added this skin to the store as part of their revised approach to PvE that we have not received many details on, because it apparently is supposed to let us use any COG character in any PvE mode from whenever it arrives and on. So they did not intend to hold the skin back any further until Kait was brought to Escape.

When either will happen? No clue. There has not been any actual time frame given.

Thanks for the quick response. I refer you to my last riposte. Impressed not am I.

Me neither, but it is what it is. All we can do is wait.

Though I do admit I feel like PvP is simply getting too much focus. Even though I understand not creating unique maps for every single mode available, I feel like the MP maps are mostly designed to Versus with Horde viability being an afterthought to them. It’s less of an issue for some but other maps it definitely is noticeable, I find. And even with TC claiming otherwise with PvE not being neglected it still seems as if it’s getting the backfoot over PvP and the incessant complaining about the Ranked system, weapon balance in the mode and other Versus things so TC goes and makes it their main focus because “most complaints are in that area”…

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Welcome to the community,Sadly on horde I’m getting nothing for the ribbons probaly a bug not sure ,I was getting em b4 the latest update,now nothing my friend(OP)

Right now, only 13 of 37 characters are playable in escape. Only 17 in horde. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Make that 18. I forgot Jack. :yum:


Thank you for your reply. I’m still getting ribbons. Like MVP, First, and Methodical. Oh and FIFO. As for any others that’s a complete mystery. Again TC needs to clean up its act and publish a definitive list of ribbons. Instead of fobbing us all off with lame ■■■ excuses.

I had this yesterday in escape 2 matches and 0xp for ribbons but the 3rd gave me xp. Seems ok now.

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Is there a Hivebuster Clayton!? :thinking:

Many thanks for the info my friend really appreciate the help

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Nope. That exists about as much as a Winter skin for Clayton(or Lizzie) right now. Aka it doesn’t.

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Thank you JVRGOTH I appreciate your help and input. Still I think it was an ill thought and badly executed idea to release the Kait Hivebuster skin without backing it up with immediate or close inclusion into escape. Just saying.