Juvie Madness Stacks

I hate to say this but Juvie madness seems like a great time to get rid of a bunch of bounties. I already pretty much have but one of the Omen skins and I haven’t seen the boomshot put up so have been getting rid of my 100 kills and 200 kills card. I play as scout with Rage, Energize, extra health, brawler, shotgun damage. On Normal I can usually get my bonus by or before round ten with 200 and by 5 with 100 and since everyone kind of drops it works out. My question is what strategies do you guys use and thinking of trying out to get rid of some insane cards next.

Scrap 'em.

You may have trouble with that setup on insane. Do you leave after bounty is complete or stick it out for the 25? For Insane try HP HP Regen Dodge pickup distance and deposit bonus. Pretty much act as a mobile decoy and kite-tail the groups into firing lanes for heavies or sentries.

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If I play scout on madness I run

Deposit bonus
Pickup distance
Dodge / Brawler

Thick Skin
Explosive damage
Launcher Capacity
Marked Damage
Pistol damage (Can basically hybrid snipe / heavy with the boltok at lvl 5 on insane juvies)

Called shot
Radar ping (stacks with called shot but make sure you max level both for low cost high effectiveness)
Rifle damage
Headshot damage
Explosive headshot


Active bonus
Rifle damage
Rifle Capacity
Grenade damage

I don’t play nade soldier so this is basically for retro + lancer setup which shreds through juvies & gets me through incon relatively fine.

As for getting kills with the scout setup I posted, its more for just trailing juvies then having a heavy dropshot / boomshot them so if you have a friend who can run that class and you pick heavy for those kills bounties you can get it done pretty fast.

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Everyone seems to want to play scout so being a heavy is super easy. Dropshot just clears them out and keeping a boom for the ones that get past the scouts is handy (just be sure to time your back roll).

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How did you get the omen skins?