Juvie Hunter stars

Seriously why is this only 4 stars? I’m done kill 9000 enemies and 15000 eliminations which are 5 and 6 stars and I’m not even 1/4 through Juvie Hunter.

Maybe they mixed it up with leeches? You see those everwhere and 2500 kills for 4 stars would be reasonable but clearly something is not right with juvies. At rank general with 70%+ of medals completed and playing horde a lot more than versus I’m still at 1500.

Grinding juvie kills would take way more time to justify the average skin that serves as a reward.


I’ve had the theory(right or wrong) for a while now that TC were still stuck in Gears 4 Horde at the time of the creation of that medal as it was absolutely FILLED with Juvies, which were just an extremely annoying, stupid and useless enemy. Now, in 5 Horde, there’s less Juvies being annoying and useless and instead you have an even worse annoying, stupid and obnoxious enemy called the Leech in even bigger numbers than the Juvies. I didn’t think it was possible, and yet, here we are. And we have a medal to kill 2,500 Juvies despite there being significantly less in Horde, and it takes longer than any other of the medals of that section, including the 2,000 Drone kills. PS certain Escape hives can have a ton of Juvies in them. The one that comes to my mind for this The Mines which can have loads of Juvies regardless of which path you choose to go down. But if you go left you better be prepared to deal with a whole bunch of large Juvie mobs, two Wardens, a Sire and potentially a lot of Rejects too. On the right you’ll mostly have some Snipers and Hunters to deal with. And the occasional Scion with a Bastion.