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Juvie Hunter is just too much

I’m pretty in to the tour of duty but this Juvie Hunter medal is kinda ridiculous.

Its the last medal I need in the Enemies category but I’m only at 353/2500. They just don’t appear enough.

I’ve killed 2000 drones, 100 scions, 30 bosses and 5000 enemies but the damn juvies…


I already unlocked the hunter skin it is not hard at all. Solo escape thehive wait for the act break if you get juvies as enemies in the first roo. Clear them and restart. It took a few hours.


The Escalation match wins are absolutely awful. I hate the mode and the matches take forever. It’s an absolute chore to get this medal.


Pretty simple really.

Just play on the hive solo in beginner’s mode. Rush to the first checkpoint. After leaving the room, you should be met by a horde of either elites, juvies or a scion. If it’s not the juvies, just back out to lobby and start from scratch. If it is, wipe them with the shock grenade you grabbed at the checkpoint. Press start, choose restart act and rinse and repeat as needed. Takes 30mins to an hour tops, depending on where you’re at with the challenge.

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Its a 3 month Tour, no need to burn yourself out grinding for this stuff in 3 weeks.

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This is true. The medal itself made me despise escalation more than I already have. I bet it’s easier completing the two masters medals in escape than trying to win 10 escalation matches.


You get 3 months for all the medals, all these threads saying how tedious the medals are when the game has only been out for a short while are a little much. There are plenty of good Juvie farming areas in Escape which also combo with Breaker Mace kills or Frag Grenade kills to make progress with those. If you’ve killed 30 bosses and are lacking that many Juvies I’m assuming you’re a horde player and you’re playing the mode that isn’t really conducive for getting Juvie kills as there are a few variants of horde wave sets which only one of them really contain Juvie and then you’re competing with an entire team for the kills. They’re included as Horde and Escape for the Enemies category for a reason certain modes are better for one or the others like Horde makes getting 30 bosses pretty simply whereas Escape players might have some issues since Wardens don’t count.


i feel your pain , having the same issue unlocking desert armor JD , collecting 1 million power takes foreeeeeeveeeer

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That’s where you may be wrong.

I’ve done 10/10 Escalation wins and it might’ve taken a day or two. But all Ranked Medals done in 3 to 4 days.

The last two Medals I have is all Challenge Hives and Power Hoarder. The Hive took days of attempts. The current The Hunters, no one I heard of has beaten it yet. 3 days left and no YouTube videos either. Sires and Ghost Sires. A maze-like Hive with many firing angles to get shot from. I don’t know. Might not get done.

Alternatively, use Lahni and her Electro-blade Ultimate attack. It makes short work of Juvie packs!

It’s probably hard at the moment because they don’t know the appropriate cards to use nor do they have their cards and characters at max level yet. I already have a fresh memory of the map by playing it 50 times for one of the escape medals. Haven’t played it on harder difficulties yet though.

Custom match. Keep the match private when you set it up

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Why can’t TC do one of those juvie only horde options like gears of war 4 had.

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Would be awesome! I created and Escape Map full of Juvies Only. Unfortunately the kills dont count for the medal but still alot of Fun!!!

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I mean The Mines escape map is pretty much that. ~175-250 juvies per run and it takes 8ish minutes not counting the loading screens

Play escape on The Surge - 15 juvies show up half way through, kill all then die, replay act. Takes about 2-3 hours. Yeah it’s boring but try the power horder medal…dig in like an Alabama Tick cos that one is gonna bring you to your knees.

I guess I should mention I got the Juvie Hunter, Power Hoarder medals and got to the rank of General since my original post.

Best tip was to grind The Hive and restart the act over and over when the halfway mark enemies are a group of 16 juvies !

They were right. I’ve paced myself everyday for 3 months and have not got the 2500 juvie medal and many other medals. But I did max out the General rank by focusing on doing the dailies.